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10 Tips For Getting the Most out of a Challenge Group With Me!

I've been running at least one online fitness accountability group (called "Challenge Groups") each month for the last 28 months. And I've seen hundreds, if not thousands, of people have MASSIVE success using this same system that helped me lost 70 pounds. I've also seen a good number of people not take full advantage and fall short of the results they were hoping for. In an effort to help YOU to learn from the mistakes of others and have the BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS and experience in one of my groups, I wanted to share with you 10 tips for making the most of your time in a challenge group!

10. Order in time! My challenge groups have rolling admission, which means you can jump in at any time! But to get the full benefit of the group, it's ideal for you to start in the beginning and go till the end. There's always a cutoff date where I know you'll get your supplies in time for our "prep week" if you order by then. Make sure you don't drag your feet too long because having all your supplies in time for Prep Week helps you to plan, prep, and get mentally ready to commit for the upcoming weeks!

9. Participate in Prep Week! The week before workouts officially start is called Prep Week in my groups. We get to know each other, set goals, talk about tracking progress, take our before stats, go over the mealplan, and it's an open forum to ask questions so that you can be 100% ready to go on Day 1 of workouts!

8. Read through your mealplan, make a list, go to the grocery store, and then stick with it! The number 1 way people get off track in my groups is by not setting aside the time to properly get their food in order. I like to shop on the weekends and plan out my meals for the week so I know I've got healthy options at hand. When you don't have good food available it's so much easier to cheat. And if you don't put time into thinking it out ahead of time you might start to feel bored or deprived. You can get the Fixate cookbook too if you need some ideas! It's full of awesome stuff to try that fits into the portion controlled mealplans!

7. Create space. Literally and figuratively. Decide where you are going to do your workouts. Make it your spot! You don't need a ton of space for these programs, about the side of a yoga mat will do for most of them. But create the space so you don't have an excuse to skip your workout. Also... make space in your schedule and your mind. It's just about half an hour a day. You really have no excuse for not being able to fit it in, decide in your mind that it's non-negotiable. Schedule in your day planner if you need to!

6. When the group starts, check in daily. My challengers who are active in the group have much better results than those who never check in. It's not jut busy work, it's to help you feel accountable. It's easy to start slacking off when you feel like no one sees. So make yourself visible. Check into the group each day after you finish your workout and answer the prompt! It also makes it more fun to join the daily conversations and get to know your fellow challengers!

5. Check into the group all day if you need to! There's no rule about only checking in once. You can post photos of your food, sweaty workout selfies, inspiring quotes, your thoughts and victories, encouragement for your groupmates... have fun with it! The more fun you're having, the more connected you feel, the more you will *want* to stick it out 100%

4. Ask for help and give encouragement. If it's 10pm and you are coming up with every excuse in the book to skip your workout come post in the group asking for a kick in the booty! Within minutes you'll have people encouraging you with tons of positive responses! Also, when you see someone else posting give them encouragement too. It feels good to give and get support!

3. Don't step on the scale every day. This is PARAMOUNT! Women especially are guilty of this. We wake up in the morning and step on the scale and let that number dictate our emotions about ourself for the day. We start a new fitness plan and if we haven't lost weight by day 3 we get frustrated and discouraged. Remember, your body is a machine, and you didn't get here in 3 days so it's going to take longer than 3 to undo it all. Commit to trust the process. Bloat, hormones, muscle recovery, muscle growth, all these things affect the number on the scale and you have to stop checking it every day or you'll drive yourself crazy. Check your weight during prep week for your "before" and then don't step on the scale till your "after". I promise you'll feel so much better this way!

2. Change your mindset from, "I can't have that" to "I choose this instead". The mindset of deprivation leads to you fixating on the thing you can't have and eventually giving in and cheating. It's a victim mentality and it's not what you need right now. Instead, empower yourself. You made the decision to change your health and fitness. No one is doing this to you. You are in control. You are not deprived of your favorite treats. You are CHOOSING to eat something healthier instead because you have specific goals you want to meet. You are the one making the choice! Feel that power!

1. Give it all you've got! The challengers with the best results are the ones who go ALL IN. It's only 1 month, you can absolutely do it! You deserve this win. You deserve to feel like an overcomer! The momentum you can create toward positive change in your life by sticking this commitment out is INSANE! I fully believe in you but I can't do the work for you. I'll cheer you on ever day and give you a kick in the booty if you need it but I need you to meet me halfway and show up every day to do the work. If you do, I know incredible things will happen!
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