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FITNESS | 22 Minute Hard Corps Test Group Week 1 Recap!

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I survived week one! If you missed the news, I was invited by Beachbody Corporate to participate in an official test group for Tony Horton's newest home fitness program, 22 Minute Hard Corps, which is set to launch this upcoming March! I basically get to be one of the first people ever to try this program and in exchange I have to commit to giving it my all for two months and chronicling the experience to show others what this workout and nutrition plan can do! I wrote a little bit about what it was like to get selected here if you want to read it.

So week one is over and week 2 is here! I wanted to write down my thoughts because I know I'll forget them if I wait till the end to talk to everyone about it! I'm not allowed to say much about the workouts or plan as far as specifics go but I can tell you about how I feel doing them!

My progress so far has been pretty interesting! I'm shrinking in inches all over. My arms are the only thing that didn't shrink so far but there's a lot of upper body burn so I'm guessing those muscles are just a bit swollen. I would LOVE to carve out some definition in my upper arms so I'm excited to see how they change in the upcoming weeks.  While I'm tracking my progress weekly, I decided not to share an update with specifics till the one month mark!
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Let's talk about the workouts!
I know you're all curious! So was I! I'm more of a Piyo/Yoga workout fan myself so I was nervous and excited about this bootcamp-style program because it's so out of my comfort zone. Let me be real honest with you. I don't particularly like working out. I like how my body looks and feels when I am workout out, but the actual panting and sweating and challenge... I would be happy to skip it.

That is why short workouts are my JAM! I got started with home workouts back when T25 launched and I was willing to give it a try because 25 minutes? Why not, right? So when they told me this new program was EVEN SHORTER.... clocking in at just 22 minutes I was intrigued.

My biggest worry was if I could get a good enough workout done in just 22 minutes. Would I get results? Was that enough for the day? After wearing my heart rate monitor for a few workouts the answer I discovered was a resounding YES! Look at that burn! From just 22 minutes. That's incredible!

Let's talk about the food!
So we all know that nutrition is 80% of the battle. And while I'm not a certified trainer or nutritionist it's my opinion that when you are doing shorter workout programs like these, you have to be willing to be even more dedicated to your nutrition plan and keep it dialed in. Eating right, drinking lots of water, avoiding the junk... we all know this. But sometimes you need a well-defined plan to help you actually do it. And this plan does just that! This meal plan is really simple to follow. And I made it through week 1 with no cheats! Even while throwing a birthday party full of cake and ice cream and chips! Talk about a NONSCALE VICTORY, amiright?! 

In the beginning of the group we were given the option to add in Beachbody's Performance Line. We had to either commit completely or not at all since they need to know how we are getting our results. I decided to commit to it because while I had sampled the line, I had never used it 100% while committed to a program from start to finish. I'm using everything from the line except the creatine. (Here's a link for the line minus the creatine if you wanna try it!) And I was skeptical because I don't usually like performance products but I. AM. IN. LOVE now!

I start my day with Energize mixed into ice water and within 10 minutes I go from walking around my house in a just-woken-up-daze to feeling like I could take over the world. I have a bad history with pre-workout type drinks and my anxiety. Usually they make me shaky and jittery and panic-y. But this does none of that. I don't feel "off" at all like with other energy drink products. And I can push harder in my workouts first thing in the morning which I have NEVER been able to do! I'm a convert! I love this stuff hard corps! (See what I did there?)

After my workout I drink Recover which tastes like yoo-hoo (remember yoo-hoo?!) and is remarkably smooth when mixed just powder and water. (Usually I find those drinks are gross and clumpy.). I drink Hydrate during my workouts and sometimes after if I'm feeling parched. I'll also take it out paddleboarding or if I'm out in the sun. At night before bed I make a smoothie with Recharge and ice and some cinnamon. It's so good. And it's slow-released proteins keep me from late night snacking and help me to still feel full through the morning and my workout. I will say that I like recharge better blended smoothie style than just shaken up. It's too thick for me just shaken up with water. But that's probably personal preference. 

So there you have it! Week one and DONE! On to week two! Thanks for following along and cheering me on! You guys give me so much motivation to give it all I've got and show you what you can really do with just 22 minutes at home and a little determination! xo.
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