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How To Create a Sacred Space in a Busy House

how to take care of yourself for new and busy moms

For this week's Wellness Wednesday I wanted to talk about how I create a Sacred Space in our busy house. I posted recently on my instagram a shot of my morning routine of lighting some candles and setting intentions and a few of you asked me about it so I thought I'd share ways you can incorporate some serenity into your world, even if you don't have a ton of extra space!

Self care is something we don't strive to become better at. And as women (and, cough, moms, cough) we usually let self care come in last on a long list of daily to-do's. Take care of the kids, the house, your relationships, manage your friendships, your finances, your Facebook for heavens sake. But take care of ourselves? We just can't find the time. Or we're too tired from all the other crap we did that day. Ya hear what I'm saying?

So this year I'm calling bullshit on myself (Because heaven knows we all MAKE time for the things we want to. I'm looking at you To Make a Murderer marathoners!) and making a priority to take better care of the self that I am. One of the simple ways that I'm making it a priority every day is to have a what I call a "SERENITY SWITCH" that happens in our house every morning and evening.

Let's talk about our evening routine, because it's the most doable no matter what your daily schedule is like! At night when our son goes to bed we make him pick up all his toys. We make him take any of his dirty dishes to the sink. And then after he's tucked away I spend about 5 minutes flipping the switch in our living room to make it serene and relaxing. For me that means cleaning up clutter, wiping down any messes our 3 year old left on our coffee table, brewing tea or making my recharge drink (BCAA's to help those muscles heal overnight!), and lighting candles, incense, or diffusing oils. I also dim our main living room lights to a warmer and softer setting.

It might sound silly but it makes a huge difference! The space instantly opens up and all at the same time feels cozy. It feels like adults live here again and we aren't tripping over dinosaurs and hiding in corners of the sofa that aren't overrun by toys and kid stuff. I believe it's important to feel like a person and not just a mom at the end of the day.

I promise you, you'll feel a difference. And who knows where it will lead you? Maybe you'll sleep better. Maybe your stress levels will go way down. Maybe you'll feel more rejuvenated the next day. Maybe you'll connect more with your spouse. Why not give it a try?

Here's my top 3 tips for helping you flip the Serenity Switch in your home...

1. GATHER THE TROOPS - if you live with others, share with them that you need this and enlist their help to clean up the clutter. Make kids put their stuff away before bed or help with the cleaning. Ask your spouse or roommate to pick up their shit too. It will take 5 minutes if everyone pitches in!
2. CLEAN THE CLUTTER - clutter is the number one factor in my feeling overwhelmed at home. When everything is in it's place, or at least sorted into piles somewhere else, I can relax. Sweep like a tornado through your living space and de-clutter. No mercy.
3. SET THE MOOD - aromatherapy, candles, incense, low light, twinkle lights. You get the idea. (This is actually a bit scientific. It falls into line with our natural Circadian Rhythms which helps us to relax when it's time to relax and be alert when it's time to be alert. Insert the *More You Know* jingle here.)

Tell me... how do you relax at home? 
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