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Personal | Roar For Four! A DIY Jurassic Dinosaur Birthday Party

All growing up, my mom would plan the best themed birthday parties for me. There was a Barbie dolls one (before the cake molds were something you could go buy at the local craft store, she made a Barbie dress cake herself!), a detective one (with cassette tape spy-message style invitations!), a breakfast heist where all my friends showed up in PJ's and one by one we heisted each person and took everyone out for a breakfast birthday party... and lots more. If Pinterest had existed when I was young, my mother would have ruled it! 

So it's no surprise that birthdays for our son are kind of a big deal with themes and decorations to me. His first birthday was "survivor' themed (mostly just because his father and I survived that year and our son was too little to have much sway during the theme ideas family meeting), his second was airplane themed and at his favorite park. His third we took the grandparents with us to Disney World. But this year... for four, it was time to up the ante. 

He had been telling me for about 6 months that he wanted a dinosaur party. But I figured he'd forget or grow out of it by the time his birthday came. Nope. He had told everyone... his grandparents, his babysitter, his teachers... everyone knew he was having a dinosaur party. 

So a dinosaur party I was compelled to throw. 

I can't take much credit for this party. Most the ideas were my four year olds. He wanted a dinosaur party. He wanted Jurassic World dinosaurs and logos.  He wanted a chocolate and vanilla AND strawberry cake. (I still don't know where that idea came from!) He wanted a bounce house. But not just any bounce house... a dinosaur bounce house with a slide. (Thank heavens that exists and was available to rent locally! HA!)

I will say the idea to play the Jurrasic Park soundtrack was my idea. And the kids flipped out over it and thought it was so cool. The amber jello idea was mine too. And it was a smashing success. Who'd have thought 3 and 4 year olds would have loved peach jello so much? Go figure.

The party was simple, I think the decor turned out great, everyone had tons of fun, the kids bounced out all their energy (mom win!), and our son had a blast! The things we needed were so easy to find... jello, bugles, pretzels, a pallet, some ferns pulled off the bush behind our house, some burlap from the fabric store... easy peasy. And it looked awesome! If your little one is as OBSESSED with dinosaurs as ours is, I fully encourage you to try a dino party! Here's some photos of how it all turned out! Happy 4th birthday Bubs! 


 Pro tip: sprinkle a little cinnamon into the footprints to make them look "muddy"

 For "amber" jello i used peach jello and added a drop or two of yellow food coloring.
this shirt was such a hit! it's from BigTimeTeez on Etsy

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