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SHAKEDOWN | Cafe Latte Shakeology vs. Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino

It's here! I finally got my hands on some Cafe Latte Shakeology and to say I'm surprised is an understatement! I expected it to be good. But not this good! This is, without exaggeration, the best tasting healthy thing I've ever had! And it's one of the best coffee treats I've ever had, healthy or not! That's saying a lot because we in the Robinson household are legit coffee snobs!

So when they announced a new flavor of my favorite suppliment, Shakeology, I was excited but a bit skeptical. How would the coffee flavor taste? They announced that they were actually using the entire coffee cherry fruit to maximize antioxidants and not be wasteful and I was definitely curious how it would translate into smoothie form. But I'm so blown away. They nailed it. It's so delicious.

I made my first smoothie last night and another today and I'm fighting the urge to just live off these because they literally taste like coffee ice cream milkshakes. They are BETTER than frappuccino's... creamier and less syrupy sweet. More like ice cream. But full of good stuff and with none of the bad stuff. You guys, my world is changed!

(I recorded a video of me making it live that is currently up on my snapchat story so if you wanna look that up before it goes away in 24 hours you an find me on snapchat under the name tetheredto)

I decided to look into the nutritional labels of both the new CAFE LATTE SHAKEOLOGY and a standard coffee frappuccino from Starbucks. Both venti sized. And the comparison is a bit shocking!

Starbucks: $4.95
ShakeO: $4 (customer price) $3 (coach account price) 
Starbucks: 70 grams carbs, 69 grams sugar!!!
ShakeO: 18 grams carbs, 7 grams sugar (from fruits, not added)
Starbucks: 5 grams protein
ShakeO: 16 grams protein

Cafe Latte Shakeology:

Vitamin A: 100%
Vitamin C: 300%
Vitamin D: 50%
Vitamin E: 50%
Vitamin K: 50%
Thiamin: 100%
Vitamin B6: 100%
Vitamin B12: 100%
Folic acid: 50%
Calcium: 30%
Iron: 33%
Also... Ribofavin, Niacin, Phosphorus, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, probiotics, superfood fruits and greens... yum. 

Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino (venti sized) 
Vitamin A: 6%
Vitamin C: 0%
Vitamin D: 0%
Vitamin E: 0%
Vitamin K: 0%
Thiamin: 0%
Vitamin B6: 0%
Vitamin B12: 0%
Folic acid: 0%
Calcium: 20%
Iron: 0%
Also... artificial flavors, "natural" flavors, caramel color... yuck. 

So for all you Starbucks addicts looking to get your fix but ditch the sugar, fat, and chemicals... this is your holy grail! Have questions? Check below where I answer some of the frequently asked ones!

Q: How does it taste? Is it super strong?
A: It tastes like coffee ice cream. It's not super strong. It's enough that you'll fulfill your frappuccino craving but not so much that people who don't love coffee would be turned off. It's perfect!
Q: Does it have lots of caffeine?
A: It has the same as other Shakeology flavors-  75% less than 1 cup of coffee. So you are definitely getting a lot less than you would at your favorite coffee shop! 

Q: What kind of protein is in it?
A: Whey protein. (There is not currently a vegan option for this flavor)

Q: What are all the ingredients and vitamin percentages?
A: You can see the full Cafe Latte Shakeology nutrition info here

Q: Where can I buy it?
A: If you want to try it, you can get it here either in a 30 serving bag or a box of 24 individually wrapped packets. If you aren't sure about it there's also a combo box called the Barista pack that comes with 8 vanilla, 8 chocolate, and 8 cafe latte individually wrapped packets so you can have a little of everything! If you want, message me asap and I can give you a coupon to get an entire workout program for $10 when you buy Cafe Latte Shakeology! Boyah!
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