Saturday, January 23

The Weekend Collection | Wolf Moon, Tom Brady, and Condoms... oh my!

What are you up to this weekend friends??? I'm off to Colorado for the playoff game, exploring Denver, snowball fights, and mountain time. While I'm flying the friendly skies, enjoy some of the best things I found on the internet recently! Then come back Monday to start a new week with a fresh brewed Coffee Cup Chat

➳ Why Morticia Adams is a feminist queen. (I might have a sight Addams Family obsession)

➳  This weekend's full moon is called the Wolf Moon. And it should bring with it some wild woman positive vibes. Finally.

➳ Danielle LaPorte explains a new way to look back at your last year. I'm totally trying this.

➳  This dad built a magical tree into his daughter's room and it's the coolest most in depth project I've ever seen!

➳  This article on the Love Your Body Challenge is incredibly poignant! A bunch of fitness babes with incredible bodies share un-retouched and not-so-flattering angles to show you that we are all just human. 

"The truth is, while you might be comparing your abs to mine, I'm probably comparing my legs to yours."  
- Neghar Fonooni, total #bodygoals babe 

➳  Hilarious. And eye-opening. Could you eat like Tom Brady for a day? This writer could not. HA!

➳ smoothie recipe for every day of the month! Booyah! Jackpot.

➳ I'm not sure I understand, but Lulu says they are making workout pants that can hug you.

➳ Do you eat all day long? This article says Americans only stop eating when they sleep. Fascinating!

➳ Did you see that you an rent a glass igloo to watch the Northern Lights?! Bucket list!
As a woman who would gladly choose eyeliner over any other makeup type, this article from the New York Times on eyeliner symbolism makes me smile. 
"With a pencil and a simple black stroke, you can step out of youth and into experience, or out of hiding and into battle."

➳ All about self-sabotage. Goodness gracious if I don't see this every day in my line of work!

➳ Social media famous Instagram model, Essena Oneil, re-captioned her old instagram photos to tell the real story behind her social media fame. She got a lot of flack over it and I get it. "Oh a hot, popular girl tells people theres more to life than looks." is a tired trend. But she's got some good points in there.

➳  Netflix and Chill is now a condom brand. Remember... Netflix and chill is just one "D" away from Netflix and child. BAHAHAHA.

➳ Jessica Harrison paints tattoos on vintage ceramic figurines and the result is breathtaking!

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