Thursday, January 7

Trading Money For Time... What's It Worth To You?

Time is money right? That's what they say? But who decides how much your time is worth? The hiring rep who is a complete stranger to you, who knows nothing of you and your life and your true limitless potential? Your boss? Who sees numbers on spreadsheets and bottom line figures and not your kids who need braces or your family who so desperately needs a vacation? The industry? If you're unlucky enough to be born with two x chromosomes the industry will decide for you that your time is worth .79 to every dollar your male peers make for doing the same exact job as you.

There's a better way. 

Did you know network marketing is one of the only industries where women make dollar for dollar what their male peers make for the same work? I know you time is valuable. As a coach I set my own hours. I decide what my time is worth. I don't have to ask someone if it's okay for me to leave early to go hang out with my kid or to take some time off to travel as a family. If I want to make more money then I decide and put in the work to get there. I don't have to wait and hope and beg a manager for a raise, I give them to myself.

Break free.

I've proved it's possible. Why are you still trading your time for money based on what someone else thinks your value is? For security? Out of fear? Because someone told you all your life that this is how things are done and why should you be so special as to think you can do it any differently?

I see that spark behind your eyes. You know the real depths of your worth. Unleash it. This could be your last year letting someone else decide for you. I'll give you the tools. I'll show you exactly how I did it. And our sisterhood of independent bossbabes will cheer you on every step of the way.

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