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How To Get Amazing Results With the 21 Day Fix

Team Beachbody 21 Day Fix

Did you know that the 21 Day Fix was the #3 most googled fitness terms in 2015? I'm not surprised. Because everyone I know wants to ask me about it. It's my most popular program to help people get started with and I myself had an incredible experience doing this program (and then following it up with it's graduate program, the 21 Day Fix Extreme!)

When I first heard about the 21 Day Fix, I was skeptical. A 21 day workout program? What kind of results could I expect in just 21 days? What are these colored tupper-ware-looking containers? How would I use them? Would it be confusing? Would 30 minute workouts be enough? So many questions!

I've done the 21 Day Fix programs, and I've coaches hundreds of people on them as well! I've seen people rock it and others not so much. And I've noticed that there are a few simple things that can help you go from womp womp to WOWZA with your results!

So today, for #TuesdayTips, I wanted to share with you my Top 7 Tips for Getting Your Best Results with the 21 Day Fix!

1.  READ UP!: When you get your kit, open it all up and read through everything! You'll need to do a quick bit of math to figure out what mealplan bracket you will be in for the next 21 days. Read through the entire nutrition guide so you understand how to use the containers. (This is where tip #1 comes in handy because in a challenge group you can ask questions if you get stuck or confused!) In the beginning it may seem overwhelming trying to remember what foods go with what containers but I promise you'll start to feel super comfortable with it after the first few days! Just don't wait until the morning of day 1 to start reading or you'll be hangry and frustrated trying to figure out what to eat!

2. GET ORGANIZED: Clean out your pantry. Go grocery shopping. Do some food/meal prep to have healthy snacks ready to go. Mark your 21st day on your calendar so you have your goal in sight. Schedule your workout in your calendar each day!

3. GIVE SHAKEOLOGY A GO: It will be your secret weapon for the next 21 days! There is nothing tougher than trying to stick to a meal plan while you are craving coffee, sugar, and junk food like crazy! Any time you make a change in your routine your body has to adjust and if you go from eating a standard Amerian diet to eating a super clean and portion controlled 21 Day Fix plan you will likely be dealing with some sugar and caffeine cravings. Here is where Shakeology shines! Not only is it full of 70 whole food fruit and veggies and superfood ingredients but they work in your body to help you feel full, satiated, and to combat those killer cravings that can derail you when you start a new program! My challengers that commit fully to Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix get much better results than when I have customers try to do the 21 Day Fix just on it's own!

4. DON'T CHEAT: It's just 21 days. So no cheating and no skipping workouts! These workouts are only 30 minutes long. And your meal plan is based on you completing them so to get the right results you need to be sticking with it 100%. When you start to cheat a little here and there you sabotage your results and mess up the math of the program! So suck it up for three weeks. You invested in the program and in yourself so make yourself proud!

5. TAKE BEFORE STATS AND PHOTOS: I know, the last thing you want to do when you are not feeling your best is take "before" photos but trust me... you will see changes in these photos that the scale can NEVER tell you about and they are soooooo exciting! So don't just step on a scale and have that be it. Take your weight, your measurements, and snap a few before photos. My challengers have seen visible differences not only in their overall size but also in their skin, posture, muscle tone, and body composition!

6. DON'T STEP ON THE SCALE TILL DAY 21: I have watched countless women sabotage all their results because they got on the scale every stinking morning and let the number dictate how they felt about themselves all day. You are not going to drop 10 pounds by day 2. So just tuck your scale away and don't get on it till the end. It's more exciting that way anyway. So many factors go into your weight and when you start a new program your body needs time to adjust. You might retain water, your muscles might be sore, you might need a day or two to get regular... and nothing is worse that feeling derailed by the scale before you've even given yourself a real chance for success.

7. GET IN A CHALLENGE GROUP: A challenge group is an exclusive and private accountability group you can only gain access to through a Team Beachbody coach like myself. It's a service we provide solely to help our challengers get the BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS from these home workout programs! In it, you'll be surrounded by other people who are committing to the 21 Day Fix as well as having a coach there to give you extra tools, tips, and help navigating the program's meal plan and helping you every day to stay on track! With a program like the 21 Day Fix, where there's a bit of a learning curve, having that community support and the help of a coach to offer you mealplan and recipe ideas as well as answering your questions can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE on how well you stick to the plan and sticking to the plan equals better results! Coaches can also help hook you up with special bonus gifts and discounts that you can't get from Amazon or ebay. Wanna join my next challenge? Fill out this quick app!

Doesn't sound too hard right? It's not! But don't just take my word for it. Below are my results (left) and the results of one of my challengers (right) from these awesome home workout programs. Both of us were committed to both the program + shakeology and had the help and accountability of a challenge group to get these results. I personally lost 11 inches and 6 pounds in 21 days with the 21 Day Fix Extreme after already having great results from the original. My challenger, as you can see, got killer results (and abs) from 2 rounds of the original 21 Day Fix! 

21 day fix before and after

The 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Packs are on sale this month! It's a $70 savings and you get exclusive access to join my private accountability challenge group on Facebook! Click the link above, then the START NOW button, then select either the 21 Day Fix or 21DFX! I'll email you a link to join our group! 

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