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My 22 Minute Hard Corps Results and Where To Get It!

22mhc tony horton

Happy, healthy me... I've never felt confident enough to take pictures like this till now!!!

I'm so excited to write this blog post. I am so excited for you to see my results from 22 Minute Hard Corps and to tell you a little bit about my experience! And also... read down to the end for a special invitation from me to you!!!

Let's dive right in because I know you're excited! If you're new here, I was asked to participate in the corporate test group for the newest home workout program from Beachbody and celebrity trainer Tony Horton (of P90X fame! I know you've got a bootleg copy somewhere on your computer!)

22 Minute Hard Corps (which I affectionately call 22MHC) is an 8 week long program, the workouts are bootcamp style and only 22 minutes long! (Hallelujah!) It's inspired by bootcamp training and conditioning used in the military, in fact, real veterans are in the workouts! I was skeptical when I first started about how my experience would be, if I'd get good results, if I'd like the workouts or if they'd be too hard for me, etc.... and after 8 weeks I can tell you that I am IN LOVE! This is now my FAVORITE program out of all the programs Beachbody has! And my results... well... I'll let you see for yourself...

22 minute hard corps before after results
22 minute hard corps before after results

I lost 8 pounds and TWENTY INCHES from all over in the 8 weeks I committed in the test group!!! Never have I felt so strong, confident, athletic, lean, energized and excited. This program got me results like no other! I lost 4 inches in each THIGH! My problem area!!!! I built muscle, was able to eat more than I have ever been able to and still got results that I am so pumped about... all doing the shortest workouts I've ever done!

When I started, I felt a bit bored with my fitness routine, and this program revitalized me. I was EXCITED to do my workouts each day. I looked forward to challenging myself to have better form, do less modifications, etc each week! I loved the bootcamp style to the workouts and the cadence. It's fast paced but not so fast that you can't keep up. It's challenging but not too much that you feel like it's impossible. It is the best balance and I love it so much I'll be doing a 2nd round of this program asap!

Let me tell you some specifics about it! 

How Long Are The Workouts? 22 minutes! (The additional core workouts are shorter)
How Many Workouts Come in the Program? 8
Who is This Program For? Anyone who is short on time and wants epic results!
What Kind of Workouts Are They? Bootcamp style, total body dynamic movements.
Is There a Modifier? Yes. I'd consider this an intermediate program but there is a modifier.
How Much Space Do I Need? Beachbody says around 6 square feet. I did it in my living room.
What Equipment Do I Need? A chin up bar, a set of light and heavy weights or the sandbag.
Anything Else I Need? Cross trainer style shoes if you want and a jump mat or workout mat is nice.
What's The Nutrition Plan? It's a portion controlled plan similar to the 21 Day Fix. Super simple!
Do I Need Shakeology? My results are from doing this program WITH Shakeology. So yes!
Should I Try The Performance Line? YES! I used it and it helped me soooo much!
Is This For Men or Women? BOTH! It appeals so well to both! It's not girly or too manly.
Can I Do The Plan Paleo/Vegan/Gluten Free? YES! It's super easily to adjust for your needs.
Is There a Rest Day? Yes. You workout 6 days then take 1 rest day each week.
What Is "Hell Week": An optional 9th week you can do to challenge yourself at the end!
Is The Performance Line Part of the Meal Plan: The performance line products count as "free foods" meaning you don't use up any of your portions with them! An extra perk to why they are so awesome! HAHA!
What's The Best Deal? The March Challenge packs! Because they include the sandbag and your choice of Shakeology or the Performance Line products for a huge bundled discount to get you started!

22 minute hard corps results nutrition calroies

My personal experience with this program was TRANSFORMATIONAL! I felt challenged but in a good way. It helped me to realize that food was something that shouldn't be a stress. In fact, I actually ate more on this program than I ever have. I bumped UP A BRACKET in the nutrition plan because my body needed more energy! And when I did, I started seeing results even faster! So don't be afraid! I used the Performance Line (everything except the Creatine) and it helped me so much to give my all in every workout and bounce back quicker with sore muscles! I strongly suggest you try it! As you can see from the collage of photos from my journey I definitely ate well and saw some crazy calorie burns! This program is no joke!

And my fellow test group participants had amazing results as well! Here's a few of them for you to see! Everyone got stronger, had more energy, saw new muscle definition, and felt like this program made them excited about fitness again!

22 minute hard core test group before after

22 Minute Hard Corps releases to the public on March 1, 2015. And as a test group graduate I have an INCREDIBLE opportunity for you! I'll be leading one of the first ever Pilot Groups for 22 Minute Hard Corps and you are invited to be one of the first ever to get to complete this brand new program and get coaches through it by yours truly!

I'll be hosting this pilot group in a private Facebook group. I'll be sharing with you all my tips, strategies, and how to for how I completed this program and got the best results possible for myself! I'll even be doing it right alongside you for my own round 2! Each day I'll share inspiring and motivational check-ins so you an come and tell me when you've done your workout. We'll share recipe and meal ideas as well to help you stay on track with your nutrition plan! It's going to be AMAZING and I want you to be a part of it!

For this first group, I'm only taking on people who are serious about committing to the program for 8 weeks. We will start on March 21st as a group and go for 8 weeks! I want to help you maximize this with insider tips and help but I want you to be ready to go all in alongside me! Your results can be submitted to Beachbody as well and you might even get put in the infomercial since you'll be one of the first to complete the program! If you want to participate in the March Pilot Group, fill out this quick application so I can get all the info to you when the program is available! I can't wait!!!!

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