Wednesday, April 27

BUSINESS | Seeds Grow... Keep The Faith Bosses!

beachbody coach orlando florida

Do you see the HUGE wall of Jasmine between the green and yellow buildings? 😍 I just drove by it and almost cried. Do you ever have days where you feel insignificant? I was having a moment today.And I randomly drove by this building.

It was my first photography studio years ago. I made some incredible friends there. People I still call dear friends today! We poured everything into our photography business there. When we left the space it was bittersweet. I had bought a small jasmine vine and planted it in a pot with a tiny trellis and put it in the gap between the two buildings. Mostly to hide the alley space visually for clients walking by. It never really seemed to grow much.

When we moved out of this space, I left it there without thinking much about it. Now look! It's flourishing and climbing all the way up both buildings! It's beautiful. I don't know why it hit me so strongly today. But it made me feel like I had left my mark. Even if the people who rent and own this building now never know how the Jasmine got there, I know. It was me.

If you're feeling like no one sees you or cares what you're trying to do... let this jasmine remind you that seeds grow! 🌿

Monday, April 25

THROWBACK: featured on apartment therapy & design*sponge

As I work on the RV and get excited to see it come together, I've been thinking back on past decorating project and it brought me back to Bubs' nursery which I LOVED and even though his room has changed a few times since then, his nursery, midnight sky themed, still holds a very special place in my heart! Since I don't have any new RV updates to show you right now I thought I'd share his original nursery. The funny thing is someone snarky online told me his nursery didn't have enough color. And recently I shared a photo of our RV progress in a group for RV interiors and someone snarked about how I painted his brightly colored toys a more subtle shade. HA! I guess old habits die hard. And he turned out just fine without a billion chaotic colors in his face. I totally ranted in this old post that I dug out of my archives a little bit about it that was originally posted almost exactly 4 years ago. CRAZY! Enjoy... 


As if seeing my words on Design*Sponge earlier this week wasn't cool enough, Apartment Therapy loved Cadence's nursery and so sweetly shared it online this week. Other than a snarky commenter going on about how I didn't put enough color or shapes in it for his development (whatevs) people seemed to really like it. Also, can I go on an anti-mommy-craziness tangent for a second and just say that children throughout the history of the world, and still in most countries less spoiled than our own, don't have fancy nurseries full of brightly painted colors and baby einstein videos and scientific toys for their dendritic development and they all have turned out just fine. Moms have enough stuff to worry about and enough to take care of already without other women coming up with more things that they are doing wrong according to nothing. Can't we just support each other without always having to tell someone where they are coming up short? Guess what snarky dendritic development lady? Cadence sleeps on his belly too. And he's formula fed. And women in Cambodia let their babies play with goats. And somehow everyone survives. There's not one right way. *steps off soapbox*

Anyways.... Bubs' room has so much meaning and thought put into each detail that it makes me immediately happy whenever I'm in there. It's calming. It's his favorite room too and he instantly mellowed when we walked into it. He loved to look at the prints on the big blue wall and at the little moon mobile that I made.

I'm so honored that Apartment Therapy chose to share it and I hope it inspires other moms to be to think outside the box with the design of their nurseries and make them special and significant. Thanks AT!


Saturday, April 23

RV MAKEOVER: Flooring, Ikea, and electrical, oh my!

rv flooring tutorial
If you're new around here, we bought an RV and are planning on going on a big cross country road trip this summer! But first, we wanted to completely makeover our dated interior and make it much more functional for our family and stylistically more us and less 90's grandma. I wanted to chronicle our makeover progress to show you and also because when I was planning out this project, searching for other blogs and tutorials helped me so much to get a vision for what could be done! Hopefully sharing our ups and downs will help someone else! You can see all our official "before" photos of our RV here. Here we go! Part one. Today is all about some electrical tweaks, ikea madness, and all new floors!
rv diy makeover
When we got this RV the back area had a strange little box that was loosely modeled to look like an end table. It was big and cumbersome and served no real purpose other than to take up lots of perfectly usable space. In the original design it was meant to be a little side table for the captains chairs that would normally go there. But we aren't really captains chair people. Plus, we wanted to really maximize the space since we'll be living and working out of it this summer! 
rv makeover electrical
Since the box housed electrical components necessary for the entire electrical system of the RV, we didn't want to mess around and we hired a professional to come help us out. He was able to do some simple (to him, ha!) rewiring that allowed us to get rid of the box and move the cables that were being housed inside it under the floors. He also added in an outlet to be installed into the floor so since there was one on the box so that we didn't lose that spot to plug things in. Which is wonderful since we are planning to use this space as a workstation!
rv tutorial before and after

rv makeover

removing the electrical box in rv
Next up is removing all the stock furniture and tearing out the floors! Our RV actually came with perfectly fine furniture that was already in light, neutral colors. But the size and style of them didn't work for what we want to do so we passed them along to other people who could get more use out of them. Here's a shot of the interior as it was...
coachman chaparral
And here's a close up of the carpet/linoleum situation. The linoleum was in the kitchen space of the floor and the dingy green carpet was in the rest. It was sun-faded and stained and to be honest, a little gross. Since we have a dog, a four year old, and me who will be crawling, playing, and doing workouts on this floor we didn't love the idea of all the germs and grime that was in that carpet. Plus, who knows what went on in this RV before we got it. So it had to go!
rv flooring carpet linoleum
We decided to go with vinyl peel and stick flooring that is made to look like wood because it was beautiful visually, fairly inexpensive, easy to install, easy to clean, and easy to repair if it got scratched in the future! Plus a bunch of seasoned RV-ers had told us how awesome it was so I tracked down a color and style we loved from a driftwood finish from a brand called Style Selections. Of course, when I went to make sure my local store had enough of it I was told that it was in stock and the morning I went to go pick it up there were only a handful of pieces left! AHHHH! I needed 200 square feet and now they were telling me it was no longer carried in the stores so whatever was left in the various stores all throughout Central Florida was all that was available. Of course, I'd already fallen in love with it and planned a bunch of the decor around the idea of driftwood floors so I spent the morning driving all across town to pick up the remaining boxes and piece together 200 square feet. Thankfully, we had enough!
peel and stick driftwood flooring
After looking up tutorials we decided to hire a flooring pro to help us! Since we wanted to replace the flooring both on the main floor of the RV and on the slide (the section that slides in and out) we wanted to make sure the job was done right so that it wouldn't catch or snag or prevent the slide from functioning well. After watching all the hard work our flooring guy put in, we were so glad we hired him. What took him two days would have taken us weeks to do and he did a way better job than we ever would have. He cleared out all the carpet and sealed and primed the wood underneath then actually permanently glued down our peel and stick tiles so they wouldn't lift up.
rv slide flooring makeover
While he was working away, I figured I'd put my time to good use picking up some key items from Ikea! We are lucky to have an Ikea about 35 minutes away. I know a lot of people don't have such easy access. Our two biggest furniture needs were a bigger, more comfortable sleeper sofa and a convertible dining room table. I'll be honest, an ikea sofa wasn't my first choice. But in an RV you are super limited in your big furniture items because you need something that will fit in a small space, that can be assembled inside (since the doorway is so narrow), and that doesn't weigh a lot since you have to keep your total weight for towing in mind. This ikea sleeper won because it was big enough for us to comfortable sit and also pulls out into a full size bed which is where our son sleeps at night. (Also, yes, I totally posed for this selfie in the middle of the store to prove to my husband that this sofa was big enough to lay down on! HAHA!)
ikea sleeper sofa
Since I was at the store alone I had to fully load all the boxes and unload all the boxes into and out of our huge truck. A guy at the store helped me get them in but when we got home I had to get them all out by myself. As I was pushing the huge sofa box up he looked at me and laughed and said, "Girl, you're little but you sure are strong!" Must be all those Tony Horton workouts. ;)
ikea rv makeover
The floors completely transformed the space inside. Not having a dividing line of carpet and linolium visually makes the space look bigger. Plus the wood planks create lines that lead your eye from the back of the RV to the front making it seem longer. Plus, they are beautiful and have the prettiest grey tone! We couldn't be happier with them! They were such a good choice!
driftwood peel and stick floor 5th wheel
Stay tuned for part two where I show you our newly painted walls and our Pottery Barn lights that we hacked to work for 12v fixtures!
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