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BUSINESS | 10 Things You Didn't Know About My Career...

things you didn't know about beachbody coaches

It's pretty abstract isn't it... fitness coach, wellness coach, fit lifestyle coach, online fitness coach, mentor, what exactly do I do now? It probably doesn't help that Beachbody coaches all call themselves different things. It's a perk of our job, we really get to make it whatever we want it to be, and describing what we do in one pretty little sentence is actually kinda tough since we wear a lot of hats!

I've summed it up with this: "I help people have transformations from the inside out." But even that doesn't fully encompass what I get to do in people's lives as a coach. So I thought it would be fun to put together a list of fifteen things you might not know about what I do! Let me know which one was the most surprising!

1. One of my daily to-do tasks is to make new friends. Seriously. This doesn't suck.
2. Doing a workout and drinking a smoothie every day is actually part of my job. How crazy is that?!
3. My job is one of the few where women get paid dollar for dollar when their male peers make. Yay for equality!
4. Even though I'm an independent contractor, all the tools, marketing materials, promotions, etc...  are given to me for free to use in my own business kind of like in a franchise.
5. My income is directly connected to how many people I help hit their own goals.
6. If you've ever shared a favorite restaurant you tried and loved with a friend, you've done the same thing I do when I recommend a fitness program I tried and loved to a friend. It's that simple! Except I got paid for it.
7. Instead of co-workers, I have teammates. And instead of fighting over one promotion or job opening, we all work together and can all get them! It is a much more positive work environment than anything else I've ever experienced!
8. While my industry is technically sales, what I really do is more about relationships.
9.  Part of my job is to get to be there as people have massive breakthroughs, achieve life changing milestones, and change their health and living situations. I get to witness things people only witness once or twice in their lives on a weekly basis!
10. My biggest work necessity is my iphone. Because I can work from anywhere and I can literally run my entire business using just my phone. The freedom is incredible!

Not a bad gig, right? Did any of these surprise you? If you want to learn more about what I do, and come ask me questions directly and get answers right away, join my live Q&A event going on over on Facebook right now! There's a few fun giveaways happening too!
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