Tuesday, April 26

BUSINESS | On Balance and Being a Work From Home Mom...

I am a working mom.

I'm a stay at home mom too.

I hear mompreneurs remark about the guilt they feel trying to find some sort of balance between time spent building their businesses and time spent dialed into their kids. Being a mom is not a full time job. It's an all the time job. And building a business is like having an additional baby. In the beginning it requires tons of care and attention. So how to juggle the two and avoid the guilt when one inevitably gets less attention than the other?

I get asked it a lot. Here's my secret... I just don't.

I seriously don't. "balance", to me, is a term that has risen to the top of pedestal equating to some sort of pinterest-contrived-motherhood-perfection. It's a way to make women feel bad about one more thing they aren't doing well enough. It's a way to force women to pick between career and family (seriously, aren't we past this yet?!). And I want no part of it. Chasing after balance is like running on a hamster wheel, all that effort to get tired and go nowhere. Because here's the thing... some days the laundry is mess but my emails are answered. Some days my coaches are left waiting bit longer than normal for a response from me but my son has my undivided attention. I answer messages from my phone while my husband drives and my son plays in his carseat.  I mail Christmas cards in January, if I remember to mail them at all. The dishes are almost always piling up. My bed is rarely made. And my clothes usually don't make it back into the drawers after being folded before I wear them and put them back into the hamper. But my business is growing. And so is my son. And the first gives me the freedom to catch moments like this with the latter...

Who says we have to choose to be 100% career or 100% mom? Living guilt-free in the unbalance between the two and learning to be completely content with it has allowed me to build a business that gives me the freedom to hang out with my son in our front yard at 11am on a Tuesday hunting rolly pollies. And these are the moments I work so hard for. The little ones that would fly away so quickly and are so easy to miss. Freedom to be here and to be present for them is worth all the chaos. All the mess. All the failure at living a perfectly balanced life.

These are the moments I pay for in a messy kitchen and clothes on the floor and late cards in the mail. And let me tell you, it's the best investment I've ever made. 

 Cadence and the Rolly Pollies
 Driveway discoveries!
 My little nature boy. 
 Gentle giant. 

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