Wednesday, April 27

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Do you see the HUGE wall of Jasmine between the green and yellow buildings? 😍 I just drove by it and almost cried. Do you ever have days where you feel insignificant? I was having a moment today.And I randomly drove by this building.

It was my first photography studio years ago. I made some incredible friends there. People I still call dear friends today! We poured everything into our photography business there. When we left the space it was bittersweet. I had bought a small jasmine vine and planted it in a pot with a tiny trellis and put it in the gap between the two buildings. Mostly to hide the alley space visually for clients walking by. It never really seemed to grow much.

When we moved out of this space, I left it there without thinking much about it. Now look! It's flourishing and climbing all the way up both buildings! It's beautiful. I don't know why it hit me so strongly today. But it made me feel like I had left my mark. Even if the people who rent and own this building now never know how the Jasmine got there, I know. It was me.

If you're feeling like no one sees you or cares what you're trying to do... let this jasmine remind you that seeds grow! 🌿
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