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PERSONAL | Family Trip To Stone Mountain

georgia camping stone mountain park

The first stop main on our summer cross country trip was Stone Mountain, Georgia. We visited Stone Mountain last winter and LOVED it so we knew we wanted to go back on this trip too! The campground is BEAUTIFUL! It's up on the side of a few small hills against the lake and across from the mountain itself so from the campground you have beautiful views of the mountain coming up from the lake! There's a golf course and an amusement park but we didn't do either this time. (Last time we went to the park because it was all holiday themed and so fun so if you are there for the holidays you should definitely do that!) There's also a free laser light show that we missed because we didn't realize it was only on Saturday nights... whoops. Next time!

stone mountain with kids

 Stone Mountain Park Campground has lots of little walking paths and Cadence begged us constantly to "go explore" them! We found giant pinecones and giant acorns, tons of Robins, a few red-headed woodpeckers, some geese (or honkers as we call them), and a few thorn bushes so be careful!
 The sun sets right over Stone Mountain when you are watching it from the Campground. Here's sunset and moonrise over the mountain so you can see how gorgeous it is! I really wanted to take my paddleboard out on the lake but we just ran out of time. I'll have to make that happen next time because that backdrop can't be beat!
camping in georgia at stone mountain park
I love Stone Mountain Campground because it's so secluded and even when there are lots of RV-ers it still feels peaceful because each spot is nestled into the trees which arch over the road. It's really pretty. Each section is on a loop so it's perfect for quick bike rides in the morning to walk the pup.
Something Cadence had never seen is clover. Which was something I never think about knowing. But he saw a field of these little flowers and was so curious about them!
clover field stone mountain park
Last time we were there we didn't hike the whole mountain. It's about a mile up and a mile down and last time we weren't wearing the right clothes to hike the whole thing and we were worried about Cadence making it since we are from Florida which is flat flat flat. But this time I was determined to hike the mountain as a family so on Mother's Day I pulled the Mother's Day card and proclaimed that we would all hike it and everyone would be happy about it. HAHA! Cadence kept making us stop to take pictures of him. And about 3 minutes in he started complaining about his legs hurting. He made Nate carry him for a few minutes toward the end but I made him walk up the steep climb at the end and told him that he had to hike the last little bit himself so he could feel proud at the top and he happily did! (He also chose his outfit that day, just throwing that out there. His hiking outfit of choice was: kids Nike running tights, Shaun White sunglasses, boots, and a black tshirt. He told me he needs a "real exercise shirt with a check on it" for next time. HA!)
Our son is almost 4 1/2 and LOVES to climb and jump so this was actually a really awesome hike since Stone Mountain is all stone and smooth instead of tree roots and dirt like other mountains. I think this was the PERFECT first mountain hike for him to understand what it's like, but also be able to do it without tripping or tumbling downhill in dirt and leaves (like he did in Kentucky.. more on that later... haha!)
He said this rock looked like a Stars Wars spaceship. Which I think is pretty appropriate since Stone Mountain kind of looks like the surface of the moon or another planet!
stone mountain with kids
We made it to the top!!!!! The last little bit of the climb is steep. There's a handrail to hold on to. If you aren't very stable or don't have shoes with good grip, I'd recommend it. Or if you have kids that are a little distracted or clumsy you might want to have them hold on. The coolest thing about the top is that every angle it looks as if the mountain just drops off. So in photos it always looks like you're about to fall off the edge, but in reality it's a gentle slope so you really don't have to worry about your kids near the edge for the most part! There's no railings or anything. Which can make for some epic photos!
At the top of the mountain is a little concession stand with popcorn, drinks, and snacks. You can also take a gondola up to the top if you don't want to hike and the gondola drops you off and picks you up at the concession stand. We stopped for some popcorn and drinks and had the guy fill our popcorn only halfway because they didn't have a non-buttered kind. Which was a little bit of a bummer but beggars can't be choosers and our 4 year old was getting hangry. Next time I'll probably plan ahead and bring a backpack with some of our own popcorn and granola bars to eat at the top!
He was pretty proud of himself for hiking up his first mountain (even if Dada had to carry him for a little ways). He kept telling us how he did it all by himself. Which wasn't entirely true but close enough. 
Jumping photo fail! This was the closest we got to all being in the air at the same time.
Family selfie at the top!

Would we recommend Stone Mountain Park to other people looking for an awesome place to visit? Heck yes! Would we tell other families to go there? Absolutely! There's so much to do, both free and with admission so there's lots of options. Plus you're super close to Atlanta, Buckhead, and Brookhaven so there's tons of options for dining or culture or whatever else you might want! Here's some links too in case you are looking to get more info for your own trip!

Our Holiday Trip to Stone Mountain 

Come back to read about our next stop on our trip and see what we did with 24 hours in Chattanooga, TN!

"Tell me, what will you do with your one wild and precious life?"

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Our 5th Wheel RV Renovation Reveal! The Glamper!

5th wheel renovation airstream
EDITED: Hello Apartment Therapy and Today Show friends! Start here for all the info! :)

It's time for the big reveal! Oh my goodness I'm so excited to share this with you because I am so in love with our little glamper. It was a labor of love and I'm just over the moon with how it turned out. In case you're new here, we purchased a 2005 Coachman Chapperal that was used and we gave it a head to toe makeover so that we could travel cross country in it as a family. My job as a coach allows me to work remotely so we hit the road to make some memories before our son starts school! I won't keep you waiting any longer though... here is our official RV Makeover!
5th wheel renovation
anthropologie rifle paper co urban outfitters
kitchen backsplash
penny tile rv rifle paper co wallpaper
shakeology berkey water

The kitchen was so fun to transform! It had a lot of elements in a small space from new countertops to a honeycomb backsplash to a wallpaper accent wall. The fun thing about an RV kitchen remodel is that everything is so small you only need a little bit of materials to make a big visual impact! Counter space is valuable real estate so we keep most our appliances in cabinets except for our Berkey water filter because we use it constantly! The wooden stove cover doubles as extra counter space so it was a no-brainer addition! Our most used spices stay out as well as fruit within reach of our little monkey.
Here's the sources from the kitchen makeover: 
Marble contact paper for countertops | Honeycomb peel and stick tile | Wallpaper in Queen Anne Robin's Egg by Rifle Paper Co | Wooden stovetop cover for RV's | Beverage Stand by Pottery Barn used to hold up the Berkey Water Filtering System | Rise and Shine art print by Katie Daisy | Vintage Style Magnetic Kitchen Timer | Floral Hand Towel | Chartreuse Striped Hand Towel | Silver tray: vintage (similar) | Narrow wooden cheese board by Target (similar) | Accordion blinds by Ikea | Driftwood Peel and Stick Wood Flooring | Wood & Bone Keychain supporting adoption

ikea pottery barn anthropolgie
anthropologie target threshold
ikea potter barn target anthropologie joss and main
pottery barn ikea anthropologie joss and main

The dining and entertainment center were a fun challenge. I knew that I was going to have to sacrifice space in the dining area to add more seating in the sofa so I needed something small but highly functional. I also knew I wanted to add a lot of color here! The entertainment area is a built in and we couldn't remove it so I decided to work with it instead of against it and make it visually appealing but also a great storage space. A few simple tweaks like adding privacy film to the glass cabinet doors and some wallpaper for a pop of color and it went from eyesore to awesome!
Here's the sources from the dining and entertainment makeover for you: 
White Norden dining table from Ikea | Borje dining chairs from Ikea | Farmhouse light fixture from Pottery Barn | Aqua ceramic serving tray from Pottery Barn | Flameless candle | Faux white roses arrangement from Joss & Main | Chunky table runner from Target | Stone Malamine dinnerware form Pottery Barn | Aqua Melamine dinnerware from Pottery Barn | Rose Tea Towel from Anthropologie | Whitewashed candlestick from Target (previously owned) | Aqua pot from Anthropologie | Celestial coaster from Anthropologie | Faux succulent and pot from Ikea | Privacy Film for storage windows | Glass Moon Phase Chime by ABJ Glassworks | Matches from Anthropologie

target ikea sleeper sofa peel and stick flooring
ikea sleeper sofa target storage ottoman
pottery barn lighting ikea sleeper anthropologie hook
world market polaroid 195 west elm
sc70 west elm women who run with wolves
west elm target anthropologie
work space from home
workspace inspiration

If you've been following our renovation you know that we completely transformed this back wall space from removing a strange electrical box from the middle of the floor to redoing half the back wall due to water damage this space is totally new! Since I work from the road, it was important to me to have a workspace and I thought, where better than in front of this giant and gorgeous window so I can look out on our incredible views and be inspired! We also knew that replacing the tiny RV sleeper sofa with a bigger, more comfortable sleeper sofa was a top priority. Something all three of us could comfortably sit on at once and that converted into a bed for our 4 year old to sleep on! This area I'm so proud of! 
Here's the sources from sofa and office area: 
Himmene sofa in beige from Ikea | Aqua storage ottoman from Target | Wooden wall sconce from World Market | Flickering flameless candle from Pottery Barn | Decorative pillows from Target | Brass arrow wall hook from Anthropologie | Sheer curtains | Textured curtains | Valkner Sofa Table (used as a desk) Marble bookends | Black and white striped pot from West Elm | Bone inlaid frame from West Elm (similar) | Faux plant and pot from Ikea | Industrial White Desk Lamp form Target | White dipped basket from Target (used for toy storage) | Striped rug from Nate Berkus | Terai Folding Chair from Anthropologie | Quartz sun-catcher from Urban Outfitters | Countertop ice maker
workout resistance bands
west elm bookend beachbody workout piyo p90x 22 minute hard corps

One of the cool things about my job as a coach is that everything I need to do my job is so very portable. From the fact that I can work from my phone or laptop anywhere I can get wifi, to the workout programs I do and coach people through being able to be done in a space as small as the open floor of my RV! I brought a few of my favorite programs on DVD (Piyo, 22 Minute Hard Corps, P90X3, 21 Day Fix Extreme) but I also have access to even more streaming online! I also hung a spare curtain tie back rotated up 90 degrees to act as a holder for my resistance bands and measuring tape! Gotta love keeping things simple! 

anthropologie marble contact paper countertop rifle paper co print
bathroom small space style
portable washer dryer urban outfitters storage hack

Bathrooms in RV's are teensy! So one of my first orders of business was lightening everything up! The counters here got the same treatment as the kitchen and everything was painted! After that, it was all about keeping it simple and not cluttering the space with decor. This space separates the main living area from the master so I also wanted it to be functional while still feeling homey. Adding a suspension rod, bohemian curtain, and tie back helped to visually separate the space while still allowing airflow for times when we want to feel separated but not have our bedroom door closed off.
Here's the sources for the bathroom area: 
Winter Park Limited Edition Print from Rifle Paper Co | White shelf from Ikea | Miniature faux succulents from Target | Rose Tea Towel from Anthropologie | White Urn Curtain tieback | Wooden garland tie back (DIY-ed from this vase filler) | Pom Pom Curtain | Threshold Soap dispenser | The tiny bath rug is actually a placemat | Wild and Precious art print printed over this Belinda Marshal desktop design | Nordrana hanging storage repurposed for toiletries | Portable washer and dryer (stored in the shower when not in use) | We also replaced our stock showerhead with this one which gives us much better water pressure and helps our hot water last longer!

bedroom bohemian handmade sign
bedroom small space
yellow pillow target style
rose gold side lamp
ikea west elm crystals
target style ikea urban outfitters
bed small space inspiration
star wars print flameless candle
5th wheel bedroom
pull out sleeper sofa convertible kids room

The bedroom transformation might seem 2nd place after all that went into the main living area but let me tell you, this space is night and day different! It was like a dark cave before and now it's bright and spacious feeling! I wanted this to feel like a bedroom, not just like a loft or mattress cave like so many RV bedrooms are. So we took out all the old window treatments, painted the walls, added a little mini entertainment center, gave ourselves repurposed nightstands and added a real headboard! I'm also including a photo of the sofa in the living room converted into our son's bed so you can see what it looks like all folded down! When we transition that space for night time we move the ottoman to the side and put a little tray on it that he can use for his cups or toys or whatever at night. 
Here's the sources for the bedroom areas: 

And now, in case you forgot what it all looked like before, here's some side by side comparisons to show you what a long way we've come! It really is shocking what some simple updates like window treatments, paint, and lighting can do to a space! It's really cool to look at these and see the transformation, especially since we had so many moments in the thick of the makeover when things got tedious or stressful but pushing through was 150% worth it! Also, keep in mind that everything we did was cosmetic. We didn't change the size of the walls or windows at all, the apparent visual difference is really just a combination of color and simple design tricks like high and long curtains, lots of light, and clean lines. I hope this inspires you to look beyond first impressions and dream big when it comes to your own projects!

5th wheel makeover
5th wheel before and after makeover
5th wheel kitchen dining makeover inspiration
rv renovation kitchen remodel
5th wheel makeover before after
5th wheel renovation
5th wheel dining room makeover
5th wheel before after makeover
5th wheel bath sink vanity
5th wheel renovation remodel

I hope that you guys enjoyed our makeover and renovation and that inspires you to see the potential in fixer upper RV's! A little creativity and elbow grease will go a long way! Please feel free to pin, share, save, and get inspired to try new things and go on big adventures yourself! And feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions! xo, B

I've gotten a ton of questions recently as I've posted about our renovation so I thought I'd add a few of the most popular ones here in case you are curious as well! Hope this helps!

Q: What is the paint color on the walls?
A: It's a color matched version of a discontinued Martha Stewart paint color called Whetstone Gray

Q: Are all the frames, bowls, etc on the tables nailed down somehow?
A: No. All the nick knacks get quickly stored away in cabinets when we travel. It takes about 10 minutes to put it all away and get it all back out. Everything on the kitchen counters is also stored in cabinets or placed in the sink while we travel.

Q: Is the furniture bolted down?
A: No. When we pack up to travel we fold up the dining table and tuck the chairs and ottoman up against it in the slide. The desk actually fits behind the other slide which also holds it in place. The desk chair folds up and is tucked away by the dining table and ottoman during travel. Since everything fits together like a puzzle, nothing shifts too much for us to worry about securing it more.

Q: How do you have all that white and a husband, 4 year old and dog all sharing a space?
A: None of our furniture is actually white. It's all pale neutrals like beige or stone. We have a sheepskin that we have our 4 year old sit on when he eats so he doesn't dirty up the chair cushion. Our dog is not allowed on the furniture and we have a shoes off rule when we step into the camper. The walls can easily be cleaned with a magic eraser and other than that we just teach our 4 year old respect for the items in the house. Messes happen, and that's okay, but we also are teaching our son how to have respect for the things in our home. We do have a few tide pens stashed away here and there too and our dining table chairs upholstery were scotch guard-ed. ;)

Q: How do you have candles in an RV?
A: They are all flameless. I splurged on some flickering ones that actually have a little piece that looks like a flame that moves and glows and it looks so much like a real candle that even I forget. My 4 year old keeps trying to blow it out.

Q: How did you install the flooring on the slide?
A: We hired a flooring professional to do it after looking up lots of tutorials and feeling like we lacked the capability to do it without ruining something important.

Q: Do you have day/night shades behind the curtains? What curtain rods did you use?
A: Yes, we left the day/night shades because they are so very handy. They are tucked up for the photos which is why you can't see them. We used the curtain rods that were already installed behind the original valance boxes. They were already white metal and perfectly sized so we figured why change them?

Q: How do you keep the wall scone with the glass jar/glass picture frames from breaking when you travel?
A: A combination of velcro, snap together plastic fasteners, and foam tape hold everything securely in place all the time. We don't take any of them off the walls when we travel.

Q: What material are the countertops? How did you get marble in an RV?
A: We didn't! The countertops were a cornflower blue laminate and we simply deep cleaned them and then covered them with marble contact paper. To complete the look, keep it watertight, and also make it look more real we sealed all the edges with white plaster caulk.

Q: How many strands of lights did you need for the bedroom? Do they get hot?
A: That is just 1 strand of firefly lights linked above! No they don't get hot. I've heard people say they found cheaper versions on Amazon. I'm not sure if they are 100% the same so I can't say how many of those you'd need if you purchased a different brand.

Q: Where did you get x,y,z?
A: If it's still available I linked to it above. If I didn't link to it, it's because it's not available anymore or it was something we were gifted or previously owned and I didn't know the original source.

Q: How do you coach from the road? How do you balance coaching and leading a team with being present on your adventure and with your family?
A: Oh it's so easy! I actually get a lot of my work done when we are in transit from place to place working off my phone in the car. That's a good chunk of a few hours of focused worktime. My workouts are only a half hour and I can do them in the camper while my husband and son watch a video, walk the dog, or play. But that would be a priority no matter what so that doesn't really count. I spend a little bit of time in the morning and night on my computer and host a weekly call. My husband and son are fully supportive of me coaching because coaching is what allows us the freedom to live this lifestyle so they know that mommy needs some time each day to help other people and they respect that and give me the space I need to focus for a little bit.  But other than that, coaching gives me so much flexibility that I can fit anything else I need to do in the nooks and crannies of our days and still enjoy this time together experiencing the world! I can't think of any other job that I'd have this much freedom with!

Q: Where do you work out? Did you bring weights? Do you have enough room?
A: I usually work out in the floorspace of our living area using the TV in the entertainment built in. I haven't run into any space issues yet. But if I did I would modify the move or go and do my workout outside streaming it from my laptop. I brought my resistance bands, a set of 10lb dumbells, and my 25 pound sandbag.

Q: How can I work with you/be a coach like you/get more info?
A: Just email me and we'll get you all plugged in whether you are interested in joining one of my monthly health and wellness accountability groups or whether you are interested in joining my mentorship program to learn how to do what I do yourself!

Q: Will you redecorate my RV?
A: I would seriously love to. If only I could have a team of worker bees to do all the tough stuff like the painting and installations and all that jazz because that is hard work! Maybe HGTV will offer me a show! ;)

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