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FITNESS | My Favorite Healthy Breakfast Recipe!

kale eggs 21 day fix approved portion fix

I make this ALL THE TIME! Especially when I'm really trying to dial in my nutrition and get my day started out on the right foot with my food! I've always struggled with breakfast. I just don't wake up hungry very often and I'd rather just sip on coffee while I wake up. But I know that I feel better and eat better all day when I start out on the right foot. Of course, when I think about what I *want* to eat in the morning, it's usually sweet carbs: waffles, pancakes, toast with honey, french toast, etc. But that's not really the most nutritious choice so I went on a search to find a breakfast full or protein and vegetables that I could stomach first thing in the morning and I found it!

It's super easy to make, you only need two ingredients and you can make it in just a few minutes on a stovetop! I've been making it almost every day in the RV. I promise it's super simple!


What you'll need: 
Kale chips in your favorite flavor (I like cheezy chipotle!)
Eggs and/or egg whites (your choice!)

You might also want...
A tiny tab of ghee or butter or oil for your pan
Salt/pepper to taste
1. Heat the pan to medium heat
2. Beat the eggs/egg whites in a small bowl (2 eggs or 8 egg whites = 1 protein serving on the Portion Fix. Personally I like to do 1 whole egg + 4 egg whites)
3. Add your ghee or oil to the pan so the eggs don't stick. Use the smallest amount you can. (You could count this as a tsp oil on the Portion Fix if you're being a stickler)
4. Add the eggs to the pan. Using a spatula gently scrape the bottom of the pan consistently to get the cooked eggs off the bottom. This is how I make scrambled eggs. So easy!
5. When the eggs are halfway cooked, add the kale chips. I like to crumble mine a bit first. They will stay fairly crunchy but will soften a bit as the heat cooks them into the eggs. Sprinkle on some salt and pepper if you like. Be careful with the salt if you use flavored kale chips as it might end up too salty! When all the liquid is cooked your eggs are done!

Try these and tell me how you like them! I'd love to know your favorite brand or flavor of kale chips too! I'm always looking for new ones to try! And if you're curious about the Portion Fix that I'm talking about above, it's a super simple meal plan that helps you portion control and eat in the right balance. Zero deprivation! I live by it. And I also help teach it in my monthly fitness challenges. My next one is coming up soon! If you want to get more info or RSVP just fill out this contact form and I'll be in touch with more info!

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