Saturday, May 7

RV Makeover: Our Water Damage Surprise!

It doesn't take you very long while researching old/used RV's to learn that water damage is a lot like cancer for RV's. Not to make light of cancer but just in the fact that it can be hidden, pervasive, difficult to treat, and sometimes can spread and seem impossible to find the source to be able to get rid of it. And a lot of the times once you get rid of it you find it in a new place. When we were shopping for RV's we were careful to look at the walls, corners, and crevices to make sure there were no wet or weak spots. We knew that the RV we purchased had water damage in the past but it seemed to be sealed and dried out. Of course, any time you buy an older RV you have to expect that something will go wrong at some point.... 
After our flooring had gone in, we noticed a small crack in the back wall. Someone must have knocked it during the installation process, which would normally not cause any damage, but when a wall has gotten wet and then dried it becomes very brittle. We pulled back the wallpaper around the crack and discovered something we were hoping very much NOT to see...
 Not only was there past water damage, but there was wet wood. And wet wood means a current leak. As we peeled back more and more wallpaper the wet wood seemed to keep going. Ahhhhh! We traced it all the way up the wall to the roof. I climbed up and looked around and found a small crack in the corner where the seal on the roof had gotten old and cracked in the sun. Recent rainstorms must have just been too much for it and it made a little hole. Of course, a little hole is all you need to cause some serious water damage...
 Since the water went all the way up to the roof we knew this problem was beyond our capabilities to fix and to fix well on our own. You don't mess around with water so we called up a local repairman and bargained a deal for him to squeeze us in. We were supposed to leave in 48 hours but instead we pushed back our launch date by a little over a week and decided to leave the RV while we went to Atlanta to shoot our very last wedding.
When we got back we went and picked her up. She had a beautiful new wood wall. We decided to get to work on finishing the interior so we could pack up to leave on our big cross country trip. Then what happened next was the worst of surprised, or perhaps it was providence stepping in to lend us a hand because right as I was about to paint the new back wall a massive storm system came through Central Florida pounding the RV with rain. And as we watched the rain come down through the windows we also watched it come down into the RV on the new wood. Yes, that's right. Another leak. One that was probably part of the problem before that we didn't realize. Back to the RV repairman we went. And another few days of pushing back our launch (and waving goodbye to our dollars, lol!) 
We got her back again and this time, before we left we got out the hose and drenched the RV with water checking for any other leaks. Everything was dry!!!! Cue the angel chorus! You can see our new, DRY, wall below! 
And then it was time to paint and get to work on the interior! A few big projects were still needing to be done like wallpaper, tile backsplash in the kitchen, and re-doing all the countertops. Plus... the most fun step of all... decorating! Come back next time to see how we hacked our countertops and the amazing faux tile we found for the kitchen!

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