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FITNESS | Why I Chose Piyo (A Tale of Travel and Hashimotos)

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So a few weeks ago on Instagram I let the cat out of the bag that I was committing to Piyo as my next workout program. It's been a little over two weeks of it and I'm still super happy with my decision. As part of the official 22 Minute Hard Corps Corporate Test Group I had been 150% committed to Hard Corps for the last 4 months and I knew that I needed to pick a program to jump into because if I didn't I'd get lazy and I didn't want to lose my progress. I knew I needed a change of pace after all that intensity! I had quite a few people ask me about it so I thought I'd write out a post and share about why I chose Piyo as my follow up program to Hard Corps!

I lost over 20 inches and about 8 pounds with 22 Minute Hard Corps. (See my 22MHC results here!) And I gained tons of strength! I loved my results and how I felt about finishing it! I've never felt more proud of finishing a program and more confident in how much I'd grown stronger! But I do have a goal to lose more pounds and that wasn't happening a ton with Hard Corps. Now let me make it really clear... lots of people lost lots of pounds with it. But I am a unique case because I have an auto-immune disorder called Hashimotos and it makes it really difficult for me to lose weight. One of the big factors to consider about Hashimotos is that it's linked to your stress levels. And 22 Minute Hard Corps is a really intense and challenging program (read: more stress on my body than I was used to). While I was getting crazy stronger, feeling amazing about myself, and losing inches, I also started to notice some of my Hashimotos symptoms creeping back in. I believe it was due to me incorporating more foods back into my diet that I am sensitive to (dang it!) and also due to the high intensity of the workouts.

So... I decided to go back to Piyo to give my system a rest and see if my symptoms start to go away again. After being diagnosed with Hashimotos I had my best results when I was doing Piyo and being really strict with my nutrition, making sure to avoid foods that cause inflammation in my body. I know, not very fun right? But that was the only time my symptoms from Hashimotos went fully away for a bit! So I thought I'd follow up with a round or two of Piyo. Not only because they are lower impact but also because we are traveling for nearly two months and Piyo requires ZERO equipment except just your body and a mat! So it's super easy for me to do inside our RV! No excuses, right?!

I also chose Piyo because the last time I was committed to Piyo and had my nutrition dialed in using the Portion Fix system I was losing pounds the easiest I ever have. I think that it's a sweet spot for my body. What I mean is that my body, with it's auto-immune issues, seems to like this balance of low impact but still challenging moves.

You can follow along with my journey with Piyo this time via my social media channels on Instagram and Facebook where I'm posting almost daily about it. And I'll keep you in the loop about my symptoms and how switching back to Piyo affects them, if it does at all!

For any of you that struggle with Hashimotos and are curious, keep checking in. And feel free to ask me anything! I'm not a doctor but I'm happy to share from my own experience in regulating and healing my Hashimotos with just diet and exercise and without pharmaceuticals. Also... if you want to talk more about trying Piyo for yourself and joining in with my private accountability community then shoot me an email! I'd love to help you get plugged in!
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