Friday, June 10

Hi Today Show Friends!!! Here's a Little About Me...

Oh my goodness! I am still in shock that The Today Show loved our RV Renovation enough to share about it with the world! If you found your way over from that feature, I just wanted to say hello and thanks for coming! I thought you might have some questions so I wanted to make sure to introduce myself and share a little bit about my story for you!

So hello! I'm Becka Robinson! I'm a photography lover, wandering homebody, reformed junk food addict, wife, mom, mentor, and now I guess RV transformer. HAHA! I'm so flattered that so many of you love our RV transformation and I really hope that it inspires you to dream big and see the potential to create something unique for yourself!

I know you might be curious to learn more about what we did so I figured I'd put together some links to help you find answers!

➳ Click here to see our RV Makeover Reveal Post with all our sources!
➳ Click here to find posts chronicling the RV makeover process
➳ Click here to read about our decision to buy an RV
➳ Click here to read about how I retired our family so we could spend this time traveling!
➳ Click here to read my story about losing myself after having my son and re-finding myself.
➳ Follow our journey around the US as I post photos from each of our stops!

If you wanna learn more about what it is that I do as a coach that allows me this lifestyle, I answered a bunch of questions about that here! You are welcome to poke around and learn more! Or you can just email me!

I'm super passionate about helping people un-stick themselves from bodies, lives, and futures that they feel trapped by! Because that was me! So I've dedicated my life to helping others to break free and create new futures for themselves that fulfill their hearts desires and biggest dreams! I get to work with some of the most passionate, good-hearted, driven, and family-centered people around! If you need help or just want to talk more to me about what I do. Please don't be scared to reach out!

You can also follow along with my life and our travels on social media! I share a bunch on Instagram, Facebook, and on Snapchat (find me there under the name tetheredto).

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll stick around! Below are some of my favorite photos I've shared recently from our life and travels to give a taste of what you can find on my social media! xo.

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