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PERSONAL | 24 hours in Chattanooga...

Rock City, Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain, great Mexican Food, firefly sightings, and a sweet treat with friends! Our 24 hours in Chattanooga didn't disappoint!

I'm saving all my Rock City photos for another post because it was so gorgeous there that we took approximately 10,000 photos. Kidding. Not really.

If you want some extra fun while you're driving into Chattanooga, listen to the chapter in American Gods when the gods are converging on Lookout Mountain. It's a little bit surreal to hear the exact area you are driving through so incredibly described by the author!

Ruby Falls with a kid was a lot of fun, and not too dark that is was frightening. Although I will say for a 4 year old the hour long tour was a bit of a stretch and the mile-ish long walk to and from the waterfall through the caves was pretty boring for someone too short to see over most the rocks. Also... muddy. Enough said? HA!

Overall though we loved our quick stop in Chattanooga! The food was incredible! As was our company since we got to catch up with an old friend and our son had a playmate for a bit! Also if you go to Milk and Honey get the sweet cream ice cream and strawberry mixed together. Mercy! Ice cream is my love language.

revelator coffee chattanooga tennessee
ruby falls with kids
chattanooga ruby falls cave
The walk to the falls is full of interesting rock formations and a corny tour guide. See the turtle?!
ruby falls chattanooga tennessee
lookout mountain
ruby falls with kids
Our friend Trisha recommended this area for dinner and what a perfect little corner of town! 
taco mexican chattanooga
milk and honey
Nate took this photo of me and it cracks me up because could there ever be a photo of me showing love more than feeding someone a bite of my ice cream? Look at how happy I am! I told you ice cream was my love language!

milk and honey
Spotting fireflies at dusk. He definitely used this as a bedtime stalling strategy and we totally fell for it.
camping in tennessee

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