Monday, June 6

PERSONAL | We Saw Rock City and Lookout Mountain

I'm not sure there's much as iconic in the south as those little red birdfeeders that read "SEE ROCK CITY". And I had no idea what to expect of Rock City. I did very little research. None in fact. Such little research, actually, that we arrived at Rock City 5 minutes before their closing time. Luckily, they don't kick you out at closing. In fact, you can stay in as long as you want as long as you go in before closing time! This worked out incredibly for us because we basically had the entire grounds to ourself which made for some pretty epic photos and explorations!

Rock City is made up of these incredible sprawling gardens carved into the side of a mountain with caves, caverns, cliffs, and bridges culminating with a view of 7 states. Next to that is a giant waterfall and stomach turning cliff called Lover's Leap! It's all magical themed with little gnomes and nursery rhyme inspired vignettes hidden throughout. If you're going with kids, I highly suggest going at the end of the day. I've heard that during peak times you can barely move around which would take all the fun out of exploring the hidden gems this place has!

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lookout mountain gardens
lookout mountain
lookout mountain
lookout mountain panoramic view
lookout mountain with kids
rock city
lookout mountain waterfall
rock city with kids

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