Monday, July 4

FITNESS // Become A Wellness Ambassador With Me!

Hey! I’m Becka! Happy 4th of July! Let's talk about FREEDOM! Maybe you found my page or blog because of my Hashimotos struggle or 70 pound weight loss or maybe you found me because of our RV renovation and road trip... either way, I want to tell you a little bit more about what I do and why I'm so passionate about it!

We are part of a MOVEMENT! A movement of men and women who want to make more out of their lives, break FREE from traditional jobs and limitations and help others do the same! We are COACHES and I want you to join us!

My team of coaches are each entrepreneurs and their own bosses! They make their own hours and they chase their own goals! We all partner with the incredible company of Beachbody and we help our challengers GET RESULTS! We lead by example working on our own health and fitness goals and inspiring others to do the same! That is what this business is all about! Getting paid to get healthy and help others do the same! As your mentor, I get to personally show you how I’ve created a solid 6 figure business in 2 years time and pass on my tools to you! At first, this business was my side-hustle. Then later on it became my main hustle. But all along it was always what made my life BETTER not what took over it! My family has always been my top priority! And yours can be too.

Do you have a laptop, ipad, or smartphone? YES! Awesome!
Then you've got what you need to get started!

So here's my thing: 2 years ago I set a goal to help other women in all stages of life who might feel miserable, hopeless, and STUCK like I did to get themselves UNSTUCK. I wanted to help young families have a way to climb out of debt and start LIVING. I wanted to help frazzled self employed creatives find an outlet to start taking better care of themselves and take some of the financial pressure off their art. I know its scary to start something new but I want to show you how to DOMINATE! So how do you get started?

How to join the MOVEMENT?! It's easy! And you can do it RIGHT THIS MINUTE!


I’m looking for TEN people who are simply READY to work on themselves and their wellness goals with home workouts, clean eating, and online coach support from ME. We will find the PERFECT program for you & get you all set up for my upcoming online fitness challenge this week! Ready? Let's go!
APPLY to join the July fitness challenge HERE!

In July I'm looking for 5 go-getters who are SERIOUS about changing lives and building wealth to mentor and show you the ropes! My July mentorship is kicking off soon and You can reserve your spot now and officially become a member of the team! All we're missing it YOU!
APPLY to join the team HERE!

And if you aren't quite sure what's best for you and you wanna chat about it, you can just email me at with “I'm interested” and we'll figure out where you fit the best and get you plugged in!

Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. Click here to see the Statement of Independent Earnings.

I am so excited to get to know you better and help you ROCK at this! Let's do the damn thing!!! ✌
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