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FITNESS // Will I Lose Weight Doing Country Heat and How Can I Try It?

A few months ago I got to beta test a new workout from Beachbody called Country Heat. You might have seen me post about how surprised I was about how sweaty I got from just dancing around for a half hour. Well I've not gotten to peek at the whole program and do a bunch of the routines and I am pretty pumped to share with you about it!

First things first... what is Country Heat?

Country Heat is the newest fitness program from Beachbody. It was created by Autumn Calabrese (of 21 Day Fix fame) and is a dance based program for anybody set to country pop music. So I'll admit it. I was skeptical at first. How much of a workout is dancing going to give me? Is the music going to suck? Is it going to be super challenging routines that I won't be able to keep up with? Will I get bored? All those concerns were put to rest when Beachbody gave me early access last week to the whole program to try the routines and experience it for myself and OH MY GOODNESS YOU GUYS...

Do you see these numbers? I decided to put Country Heat to the test to see how the calorie burn stacked up to an intense cardio program like 22 Minute Hard Corps. So I grabbed my watch and tracked my workout. The workout was just under 30 minutes long with the last few minutes being a cool down. I was covered in sweat by the end. And I never once felt miserable or wanted to stop or got bored. I LOVED IT. I loved the music (even though I'm not a huge country music fan), I loved the moves, I loved the structure, and the energy and the entire thing was just... FUN. So as you can see in the photo above, I burned almost an identical amount of calories doing Country Heat as I did doing a cardio workout from 22 Minute Hard Corps. Which is just crazy to me because it felt so different. 22 Minute Hard Corps feels like a workout. Country Heat feels like a night out with your girlfriends and you're just dancing to music that makes you wanna move!

How is this possible? Well in Country Heat you really just don't stop moving. What I love most about it is that you are not learning a dance routine, so don't worry about having to memorize and perform a whole thing by the end. You learn two moves, you put them together and do them for a few 8 counts, and then you move on! In between moves you keep moving with a low impact side step. Its so natural you'll probably find yourself doing it without even having to think about it! The whole thing just flows so well! And more than anything... it's just fun. It's a fun way to get moving an get your cardio done. And if you're like me, and you HATE traditional cardio, then this might just be your new soulmate workout!

So the question everyone is asking me is... "Will I lose weight doing Country Heat?" I get it. We've been programmed (especially as women) to think that we have to torture and kill ourselves with cardio and at the gym to get any results. We are trained to think that workouts have to suck to be effective. But the good news is that misconception is laid to rest here. The test group participants had just ASTONISHING transformations. Why? Because this program keeps you moving and works your whole body during the dynamic movements of each dance move. And since Autumn created it, she's including her portion control container meal plan (like the one in the 21 Day Fix) that helps you make sure you are eating the right amount of food in the right proportions. No calorie counting or deprivation required!

This workout is for anyone from absolute beginner to advanced. There is even a modifier that you can follow if you need low impact versions of the jumpier moves. Keep reading, I'm gonna share more specifics about the program and how you can try it in August with me!!!

Country Heat launches this week! Today, July 27th the Challenge Pack goes live so you can get your hands on it FIRST and get everything at a huge discount! The challenge packs are the best possible savings that's available so I wanted to talk to you a little bit about them! In the photo above you'll see what's all included. As you can see it's a jackpot of goodies!

When you get the challenge pack you get... 

- 6 half hour or less workouts on DVD
- Access to Beachbody On Demand for a month where you can stream all of your Country Heat workouts digitally as well as have access to the entire library of On Demand content! (Which means you could actually do your first workout the same day you order! You can log in and stream it while you wait for your kit to come in the mail!!!)
- The entire portion control mealplan including the 7 containers and the nutrition guide full of tips and help to keep you on track
- The Quickstart Guide which gives you a quick and dirty cliffsnotes version of everything so if you're so excited and want to start the minute you open your box, you can!
- A 30 day calendar letting you know exactly which workout to do each day
- A month's supply of Shakeology in whatever flavor you choose to help you stay on track, have energy, fight sweet cravings, and fuel your body (my secret weapon!)
- Access to our private August accountability group on Facebook where I'll be checking in with you every day, giving you tips and answering questions. It's like 24/7 workout buddy support!

Is Country Heat right for me? 

Here's my honest opinion on this... If you are someone who workout out a lot and you are in amazing shape then this workout is not going to be the most challenging for you by any means, but it is an incredible way to switch up your cardio or even add in a different type of cardio for you!

If you are someone who hates to workout then absolutely YES you will love this!

If you are someone who has limitations in the workouts you can do either due to age or injury or your weight, then yes this program is going to be an amazing tool in your toolkit for you to get moving again!

If you are someone with a lot of weight to lose, so much so that you struggle to do more challenging home workouts because you just aren't there yet with your endurance and strength, then yes this will be an amazing way for you to challenge multiple muscle groups and just get moving without having to be going up and down off the floor or messing with weights.

I'm vegan/paleo/primal/vegetarian/have food allergies... can I still do the meal plan? Yes! Absolutely! and a perk of working with a coach like me is that in my challenge groups I give extra tools for people with nutrition needs that are unique so that you can shopping lists and meal plan ideas for how to tweak the portion control plan to fit your diet.

I've been joking with my friends that this program takes me back to my old high school cheerleading days of learning quick little 8 count dance routines! I love it!

Ready to try it yourself?!
My Country Heat challenge group will begin on August 8th which will give you plenty of time to get your kit in the mail, hit up the grocery store for healthy options, and set some goals with me to get the most out of August and get some results! I'll be opening up my group on August 1st to start getting to know each other and planning and prepping! I'll teach you how to navigate the portion control meal plan and walk you through the workouts all month!

More than anything though, I'll be there to help you stay accountable. You'll check in with me every day and I'll be your support system reminding you of your goals and that you can do it!

If you do not currently have a coach the first step is to make me your coach for free! It's super quick, you just click here to sign up with me for free. If you already have a coach, then make sure to reach out to them and for details on their available groups.

If you have any questions or just want to let me know that you are interested in getting Country Heat and joining me for August, fill out this contact form! Also check back later TODAY! I'll update this post with the direct links to get your packs and join me!!!

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