Saturday, August 20

FITNESS // Letting Go of Just Pretty...

It's not my life's purpose to be pretty for you.
That's a thought I had the other day reading an insult someone left on one of my photos on Instagram. And in that moment I felt empowered. Empowered because I had realized that my life is about more than how attractive I am to others. And yet, when I got my photos back yesterday from a quick photo shoot my brain did not instantly go to "how empowered you look, Becka!" it instead starting picking apart every tiny perceived imperfection...

I've lost 70 pounds. And still, I don't feel like an after most of the time. I feel like a constantly-in-progress-almost-there-but-never-quite-there person. What does a perfect body even look like anyway? Surely I'll never have one by society's standards. I'm too short, I'm too curvy. My boobs are too small and my thighs are too big.  My facial features are both too strong and too weak. I'm knock kneed. My torso is super short. My thighs touch when I'm standing straight. And I have double chins anytime I'm not looking perfectly straight ahead. And I hate all those things. I'd love to tell you I'm some evolved pillar of girl-power that knows none of that matters but I live in the real world and on some level some of it does matter... or at least... it feels like it does.

And that's what pisses me off the most really. That in a modern world where women can be anything we like, what do we spend all our time and mental energy trying to be? Pretty.

Not pretty smart. Not pretty funny. Not pretty accomplished. Just pretty.

So I'm writing all this to tell you that I really don't have the answer. But I'm working on it. I'm working on understanding that my value is not strictly in the symmetry of my face. It really doesn't matter how many people in this world think that I'm beautiful. A combination of genetics, choices, and life experiences have made my body what it is today. And it's the only one I've got to work with. And I want so much more in this lifetime than to just be thought of as pretty.

My job is not to have the tiniest waist. The perkiest boobs. The longest legs. The smoothest skin. The most lustrous hair. From an evolutionary biology standpoint, I've already passed my genes on to the next generation so really... why all this effort in trying to be attractive to potential mates? I should just consider my life on earth a smashing success and stop with all this fussing! HAHA!

Every time I look at a photograph of myself, or stare into the mirror in a fitting room at an outfit cut for someone with the dimensions of a 6 foot tall size 2 model (seriously why are shoulder straps so long in size small tops? Who has shoulders that high anyway?!), I'm reminding myself that my job is not to be just pretty. No matter what social media, or the celebrities, or the advertisements say.

Just pretty alone is silencing us. It's distracting us. Make us spend all of our time fussing over the state of our skin and the length of our eyelashes and maybe we'll be too busy to make any real impact on this world. Not me. Not any longer. I don't want to be just pretty.

I want to be pretty inspiring. Pretty influential. Pretty impactful. Pretty brilliant. Pretty creative. Pretty giving. Pretty remarkable. Pretty helpful. Pretty revolutionary. Pretty beloved. Pretty extraordinary.

So today I'm working on it. And I might not be fully able to let go of it all yet, but I'm getting closer every day. Learning to love myself more every day. Building a community of people who feel the same every day. So that we can make real change in our own lives and the lives of others.

So if you take nothing else from reading this I hope you remember this... you are so much more than just pretty.


Thursday, August 18

PERSONAL // There He Goes...

first day of school

He didn't even cry.
I might have a little bit.
He's just so big. 
And so precious.
And so sweet. 
And I'm honestly a little bit scared that school will change him. 
But I know that school will change him. 
And I know it will challenge him.
And I know people will be mean to him. 
And I'll want to spit on them. 
But I won't. 
Because this is a fancy school.
And I'm sure spitting is frowned upon.
He was so brave.
Even though I'm not.
At 4 and a half he got out of the car and walked himself in. 
Pre-K is the new Kindergarten, you guys. 
This moment was big. 
And he's so big.
And there he goes.
And here I stay. 
And now I'm a little bit more nervous
every moment of the day.
Because my heart is now spending 7 hours living
outside of my chest.



Wednesday, August 17

My Favorite Recipe From the Ultimate Reset! Creamy Zucchini Soup!

I'm probably not supposed to share this with you, but I'm going to because it's so good that I can't keep it from you. You must try it and add it into your clean eating rotation!

On week 1 of the Ultimate Reset I saw this recipe for Vegan Cashew Zucchini Soup and I instantly was not excited about it. Are you excited about it after reading that? Probably not, right? It sounds gross. Let's all just be honest with each other for a minute. But I was so wrong, and you need to know about it!

First things first...

I'm the realest.

(Sorry, I couldn't resist! Anyways...)

This soup is so simple. Just promise me you'll try it because I know it looks and sounds like there's no way it can be any good but it just absolutely is! It tastes decadent! It tastes like it's loaded with heavy cream but it's not! It's basically just zucchini and cashews, ya'll! I made a few tiny tweaks with my version that deviate slightly from the original recipe and I'm gonna share them with you!

If you do try this, pretty please take a picture and tag me with it on social media and tell me how you like it!

Vegan Creamy Zucchini Cashew Soup (adapted slightly from the Ultimate Reset)

2 oz. raw cashews (about 34)
3 organic medium zucchinis, cut into dollars
1/2 cup water
Himalayan salt
Bragg's Liquid Aminos
1 tbs. olive oil
Black pepper

Preparation: (makes 2 servings)
1. In a small bowl, soak the cashews in 1/2 cup of water for 1 hour
2. In a medium saucepan over medium-high heat, cook the zucchinis in olive oil until tender (add in salt, pepper, and a few spraws of bragg's to taste)
3. Place soaked cashews with water into blender or food processor, add zucchini and blend until smooth. Heat if desired (I like mine served warm!) Top with a tiny drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper. I put a tiny bit of truffle salt on mine with some dried chickpeas and it was incredible!

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Tuesday, August 16

COFFEE CUP CHATS // Public Speaking and the Introvert... A Love Story

elite beachbody coach recognition

I found a video of myself recently from just a few short months into my coaching career. I remember filming it. It took me 3 hours to record a 3 minute video for part of a training I was asked to participate in by my mentor.

My mentor, who is a dynamic, charismatic, beautiful, graceful, and inspiring public speaker had asked me to contribute a short video on a topic I loved. No problem right? I sat on the floor of our guest room recording take after take after take trying to get something that didn't completely suck.

I actually really love public speaking, even though I'm not the best at it (yet!) because I love the energy of getting to share face to face with people. I'm so passionate about what I do as a coach, about helping people change their lives, and I truly believe that people have so much more potential than they think so any chance I get to communicate that, I jump on it!

I recently watched that video and cringed. I've come a long way in my public speaking. And while I've still got a ways to go I thought I'd share a couple tips for any of you who are just starting and who are feeling like you'll never get any better. You will! Even if you're shy like me!

Tip #1: Be Prepared 
Knowing your topic, knowing your main talking points, and feeling confident are so key. Because even if you go off script, if you know your stuff you'll still be able to speak with passion and conviction and do an incredible job.

Tip #2: Love What You Are Talking About
When at all possible, choose topics and opportunities to share about something that you are crazy passionate about. I'd rather hear someone who is crazy passionate about something riff than someone who doesn't care give a flawless but cold presentation.

Tip #3: Imagine The Crowd is Just 1 Big Entity
For me, the more people are watching, the easier it is. I get more nervous speaking in from of small groups where I can see every person's individual reactions. That's when I start to get in my own head. If I say something funny and no one smirks then I start to wonder if I suck. But the more people there are, the easier it is for those individual faces to blur into one big sea.

Tip #4: Do It More
The best way to get better at something is to do it more. The reason I'm a much better speaker now than I was 3 years ago is because I've been speaking at least once a week every week. I host a team training call weekly, I speak on trainings for other teams all the time and I speak at live events whenever I get the chance. I want to be better and I know the only way to do that is to practice!

Tip #5: Don't Be Afraid To Be Human
Some of my favorite speakers to watch, and some of the presentations that have had the greatest impact on me have been ones where the speakers weren't textbook perfect. They were human. They fumbled for a word, maybe they got choked up, maybe a technical difficulty derailed them and they had to shake it off. Being able to roll with the punches and not let it trip you up is big! So just go into it knowing that everyone will appreciate seeing you be real and don't worry too much if you stumble for a step or two. You got this!

Friday, August 12

The First Annual Arrow Tribe Top Ten Dinner!

This year at Coach Summit, I knew I wanted to do something really special for my team. But I wasn't sure what. In such a small area, with so many coaches in town, it's hard to book big event spaces so I knew hosting a big party wasn't in the cards for me. But I could do something intimate. I liked the idea of a small group of some of my best coaches, treating them, spoiling them, spending one on one time with them and just really making them feel special for all the hard work they do!

As I thought more and more about that I loved the idea of a small, intimate dinner! We decided to figure out who the Top 10 coaches on my entire team were as a way of truly celebrating the people who go above and beyond. With a list in my hands of the coaches on my team who were the biggest movers and shakers, I sat in the living room with my mom (my assistant), my husband (my right hand man), and my son (my motivation) and we individually called each person on the list to personally invite them to a very special evening!

As Summit got closer we surprised them by letting them know we'd be taking them to a private dining experience and not only that, we'd be picking them up in a limo and dropping them off at opening ceremonies in style! I was so excited. How often do you get to roll around town in a stretch limo with some of your favorite people?!

We hosted the dinner at Adele's. It was incredible! Adele's is a Jonathan Waxman restaurant in Nashville and they were incredible to work with! We highly recommend them! They had a private space in the back of the restaurant where we had a giant area all to ourselves with a long table we could all share! Adele's worked with us to pick out a menu ahead of time so we had a vegetarian option, chicken, and steak as well as an incredible kale salad (seriously, it will challenge everything you think about vegetables), gourmet sides, and dessert and they served everything family style which I LOVED since to me, our team IS family!

We laughed, we shared, we ate probably a little too much, and I got to tell everyone how thankful I was to have them on our team and to get to do this amazing coaching thing beside them! We left dinner stuffed, cheerful, and ready to head to Opening Ceremonies where a bunch of my team was being recognized for their accomplishments and where Beachbody announced a bunch of exciting new stuff! (More on that later!) It was an incredible evening! A night I plan on making an annual tradition for my team because it felt so special!

Here's a few of my favorite photos from the evening...

You can see the whole gallery of images from our Top Ten Dinner on my Facebook page if you want to see all that went down!

Wednesday, August 10

PERSONAL // House Shopping: The Good, The Bad, and The Maybe

Goodness gracious ya'll. We weren't even planning on buying a house this year. Isn't that always our famous last words? We really weren't! We'd talked to our financial planner. We'd set some goals. We looked at market trends. We decided we would wait till 2017 at the earliest to buy a home. And not just any home, our first home! Neither of us have ever purchased a house before. So this was big!

And I don't know why, but somehow I found myself on Zillow and found myself a pretty blue house on a lake and all of a sudden in a whirlwind of 24 hours we were pre-approved with a mortgage broker and a realtor and we were unlocking the door to take a closer look.

Here's where looking for houses in real life starts to get much harder than browsing homes on Pinterest had previously led me to believe. Houses in real life come with so much baggage. Taxes and titles and offers and bids and upgrades and OH MY GOSH DID YOU JUST SAY SINKHOLE?

I really had started to visualize our life in that house. It needed some work but I was excited to try to restore it to glory! The yard was an oasis. I imagined myself sipping coffee on the porch and talking to challengers while I sat in the sun. I imagined walking my paddleboard down the dock and dropping it into the lake in my backyard. I imagined hosting team events and parties. I saw it all. And then I saw it all slip through my fingers. Because in Florida you really don't mess around with sinkholes. And as sad as I was we had to let the house go.

At this point, we'd legitimately started looking. We had spoken to our financial advisers and our gameplan had been updated. Everyone agreed that now was a good time for us to pull the trigger on our first home. And if you guys know me, you know that once I decide on something, I want it done yesterday. The search continued...

Then we found another house. Not as perfect as I was hoping but it met all the needs. The house felt good. It had good vibes. (Maybe it was just the essential oils the owner was diffusing? Is that orange my friend? I like it! HAHA!) It was a little small but it was incredible for entertaining. We saw the potential. We decided to put in an offer. OUR FIRST OFFER! So exciting. Except that through a serious of unfortunate events that house didn't work out either.

I spent a good half a day being depressed over it. Maybe we aren't supposed to buy a house? But with gears in motion I felt like it was meant to be happening now. So if it's meant to be why can't we find the right place?

I've been chanting the mantra, "What's for me will not pass me" because I know that whatever is meant to happen is going to work itself out. But as we fall in love with a third house, I will admit I'm a little nervous. I know if it doesn't work out, that's okay. I can't wait to share more but I really just don't know more yet. Wish us luck friends!
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