Wednesday, August 10

PERSONAL // House Shopping: The Good, The Bad, and The Maybe

Goodness gracious ya'll. We weren't even planning on buying a house this year. Isn't that always our famous last words? We really weren't! We'd talked to our financial planner. We'd set some goals. We looked at market trends. We decided we would wait till 2017 at the earliest to buy a home. And not just any home, our first home! Neither of us have ever purchased a house before. So this was big!

And I don't know why, but somehow I found myself on Zillow and found myself a pretty blue house on a lake and all of a sudden in a whirlwind of 24 hours we were pre-approved with a mortgage broker and a realtor and we were unlocking the door to take a closer look.

Here's where looking for houses in real life starts to get much harder than browsing homes on Pinterest had previously led me to believe. Houses in real life come with so much baggage. Taxes and titles and offers and bids and upgrades and OH MY GOSH DID YOU JUST SAY SINKHOLE?

I really had started to visualize our life in that house. It needed some work but I was excited to try to restore it to glory! The yard was an oasis. I imagined myself sipping coffee on the porch and talking to challengers while I sat in the sun. I imagined walking my paddleboard down the dock and dropping it into the lake in my backyard. I imagined hosting team events and parties. I saw it all. And then I saw it all slip through my fingers. Because in Florida you really don't mess around with sinkholes. And as sad as I was we had to let the house go.

At this point, we'd legitimately started looking. We had spoken to our financial advisers and our gameplan had been updated. Everyone agreed that now was a good time for us to pull the trigger on our first home. And if you guys know me, you know that once I decide on something, I want it done yesterday. The search continued...

Then we found another house. Not as perfect as I was hoping but it met all the needs. The house felt good. It had good vibes. (Maybe it was just the essential oils the owner was diffusing? Is that orange my friend? I like it! HAHA!) It was a little small but it was incredible for entertaining. We saw the potential. We decided to put in an offer. OUR FIRST OFFER! So exciting. Except that through a serious of unfortunate events that house didn't work out either.

I spent a good half a day being depressed over it. Maybe we aren't supposed to buy a house? But with gears in motion I felt like it was meant to be happening now. So if it's meant to be why can't we find the right place?

I've been chanting the mantra, "What's for me will not pass me" because I know that whatever is meant to happen is going to work itself out. But as we fall in love with a third house, I will admit I'm a little nervous. I know if it doesn't work out, that's okay. I can't wait to share more but I really just don't know more yet. Wish us luck friends!
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