Thursday, August 18

PERSONAL // There He Goes...

first day of school

He didn't even cry.
I might have a little bit.
He's just so big. 
And so precious.
And so sweet. 
And I'm honestly a little bit scared that school will change him. 
But I know that school will change him. 
And I know it will challenge him.
And I know people will be mean to him. 
And I'll want to spit on them. 
But I won't. 
Because this is a fancy school.
And I'm sure spitting is frowned upon.
He was so brave.
Even though I'm not.
At 4 and a half he got out of the car and walked himself in. 
Pre-K is the new Kindergarten, you guys. 
This moment was big. 
And he's so big.
And there he goes.
And here I stay. 
And now I'm a little bit more nervous
every moment of the day.
Because my heart is now spending 7 hours living
outside of my chest.


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