Friday, August 12

The First Annual Arrow Tribe Top Ten Dinner!

This year at Coach Summit, I knew I wanted to do something really special for my team. But I wasn't sure what. In such a small area, with so many coaches in town, it's hard to book big event spaces so I knew hosting a big party wasn't in the cards for me. But I could do something intimate. I liked the idea of a small group of some of my best coaches, treating them, spoiling them, spending one on one time with them and just really making them feel special for all the hard work they do!

As I thought more and more about that I loved the idea of a small, intimate dinner! We decided to figure out who the Top 10 coaches on my entire team were as a way of truly celebrating the people who go above and beyond. With a list in my hands of the coaches on my team who were the biggest movers and shakers, I sat in the living room with my mom (my assistant), my husband (my right hand man), and my son (my motivation) and we individually called each person on the list to personally invite them to a very special evening!

As Summit got closer we surprised them by letting them know we'd be taking them to a private dining experience and not only that, we'd be picking them up in a limo and dropping them off at opening ceremonies in style! I was so excited. How often do you get to roll around town in a stretch limo with some of your favorite people?!

We hosted the dinner at Adele's. It was incredible! Adele's is a Jonathan Waxman restaurant in Nashville and they were incredible to work with! We highly recommend them! They had a private space in the back of the restaurant where we had a giant area all to ourselves with a long table we could all share! Adele's worked with us to pick out a menu ahead of time so we had a vegetarian option, chicken, and steak as well as an incredible kale salad (seriously, it will challenge everything you think about vegetables), gourmet sides, and dessert and they served everything family style which I LOVED since to me, our team IS family!

We laughed, we shared, we ate probably a little too much, and I got to tell everyone how thankful I was to have them on our team and to get to do this amazing coaching thing beside them! We left dinner stuffed, cheerful, and ready to head to Opening Ceremonies where a bunch of my team was being recognized for their accomplishments and where Beachbody announced a bunch of exciting new stuff! (More on that later!) It was an incredible evening! A night I plan on making an annual tradition for my team because it felt so special!

Here's a few of my favorite photos from the evening...

You can see the whole gallery of images from our Top Ten Dinner on my Facebook page if you want to see all that went down!
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