Thursday, September 15

The Game Isn't Over After Halftime....

my august-sept progress

When New Years came I resolved to be in the best shape of my life this year! I was asked to be in a corporate test group, I felt like this was my time to shine! And then somewhere in the spring I lost my way. I got complacent. I stopped paying attention to my food. I started putting myself last. I was giving so much to my challengers and my team that I had nothing left to use for myself! At some point a tiny voice in the back of my head said, "you'll never be one of those girls who is in killer shape, just be happy with your progress so far and settle in." And somewhere along the way, I accepted that lie.

After Summit in Nashville (Photo recap coming soon! Promise!) they challenged us to commit fully to a new program. I felt compelled to try a cleanse that intimidated me. I'd tried twice and failed in the past but I knew I needed to do something to push the reset button on my nutritional habits. I didn't realize it at that moment but that was the catalyst for an incredible mental shift! I'm just under two months into my 2nd half of the year. And while I know most people coming into fall would say, "oh well... I'll just enjoy myself through the holidays and try again next January" I looked at it and said to myself, "a half a year is more than enough time to CRUSH my original goal!"

So here we are. I'm down about 11 pounds and have fully revived my passion for nutrition! I completed the Ultimate Reset, am in the middle of Country Heat, and after that I'll be doing 21 Day Fix Extreme to get conditioned for a new program coming out in November! I plan to end this year in the absolute BEST shape of my life! If you're like me and you started to listen to that voice in your head that said, "this isn't your year, try again next time" then I hope this inspires you to shut that script down and decide not to let another half a year go by you without doing what it was that you really wanted to do! I'm coming for you abs! You can follow along with the behind the scenes of my days on my fitness facebook page. Or just keep checking in on my social media for updates. Anyone coming with me? I'll be hosting private accountability groups where you can be my virtual workout buddy! Just get in touch with me and I'll send you all the info about what programs I'm doing and how you can join me!
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