Monday, October 10

MAKE // Chocolate-Dipped Honeycomb Superfood Smoothie Recipe

In our house, we are currently a little obsessed with bees. In the last week, not a day has gone by when my son has not told me some sort of fact about honeybees. So when our friend posted a photo on Facebook of all the new bees that he's soon to be bee-keeping in his own backyard, the discussion about bees and honey roared right back into life! Today we watched Bee Movie and themed our superfood smoothies with the goodness that bees give to us! My superfood smoothie mix already has tons of superfoods in it, so there's really no need to beef it up but bee pollen granules taste like tiny honey-flavored sprinkles so it's basically a win-win since my 4 year old thinks they are delicious and I know they are loaded with quercetin which acts like a natural antihistimine! It's also full of amino acids and it's all natural unlike store bought decorative sprinkles. Plus, honey is delicious and a little drizzle on top of a smoothie will almost always guarantee me that it will get my little man excited to drink it all down. PS. Using local honey is the best if you want to get the anti-allergy benefits since you want to be ingesting honey from the local plants in your area!

1 cup almond milk
1 cup water
1 packet (or scoop) vegan chocolate shakeology*
drizzle of local honey
1/8 tsp local bee pollen

Combine all ingredients in a high powered blender and blend until the consistency of a milkshake. Top with a drizzle of honey and bee pollen and enjoy immediately! (You could shake it up as well in a shaker cup with ice if you prefer a more chocolate-milk type drink instead of a milkshake type drink.)

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