Sunday, October 9

Moving Day! Our Little Stone Lakehouse.

We bought a house! I still can't believe it! If you follow me on social media you might have seen us looking at houses and you might have read some cryptic posts from me during the nightmare that was our 35 day closing, but it was all worth it because the little mid-century beauty is officially all ours!

Let me back up for a minute. Two years ago I was at a retreat where I was asked to participate in an exersize where I closed my eyes and envisioned my life as I dreamed it. The future I wanted. I was asked to step into it, to feel how it felt, to smell how it smelled, to see who was there, what did it look like, where was I, what was happening? With tears I started scribbling down a fantasy of a future I wasn't certain I'd ever see. You see, as a self employed photographer, we lived booking to booking. We had more than enough for ourselves, but not much extra for our future. I never thought that home ownership, let alone dream ownership was in the cards for us. It wasn't until I fell in love with coaching and started to allow my vision to shift that I started to believe it was possible for us! You see, as a photographer, my income was limited to me, to where I could physically be as the artist. I could only be in one place at one time taking one photograph at a time. But as a coach, I am able to connect with people all over the place virtually and leverage myself across digital media systems to be able to do more than 1 thing at a time and thus, build a much more scalable business with residual income and so much more freedom to actually enjoy the life I'm building! (Join my next info session on what being a coach on our team is all about here!)

My vision that I wrote down on tear streaked notebook paper? It was of a lakehouse, with lots of big windows and natural light. A big, open kitchen where I could bake and my son sitting at a table working on his homework. A dock with a boat and wakeboards and jet skis and all manner of fun outdoor activities. The house where his friends would want to come. Teenage boys eating all my food and then burning the daylight on the lake while I sit in the shade with dear friends and connect over life and dreams and shared visions. Holiday gatherings, the smell of pine and cinnamon, laughing, a safe place where everyone feels welcome to help themselves and make themselves comfortable. I read it aloud to a room full of women with tears in their eyes and just like that, it was burned in my brain. I didn't know how, but I knew I was willing to work harder than ever to make it happen.

Fast forward two years later... it's closing week. My dream hanging in the balance. We'd been told multiple times that we wouldn't be able to get the house, that the sellers were too hard to work with, that they refused to do their part, that we should just walk away, but I knew this was our home and I was willing to fight for it. So we did. We had been told that we were clear to close. Then we were told that there was a problem on the sellers side. Then we were told that the problem had been resolved. Then another issue blocking our way. As of midnight the night before our closing we were told it probably wasn't going to happen. Our closing was at 9am. At 10am I received a call that I will remember forever... "I just want to let you know that I don't know how they did it, but our team got everything resolved and if you can make it at 1pm you can close today!"

Of course, nothing is ever as simple as it seems, and after another 72 hours of the sellers making our lives difficult, we finally had the keys in our hands and the documents signed. The little stone lakehouse was ours!

We moved in last weekend in a blur of hurricane craziness, dust, sweat, and sage. I'm not sure I've ever felt as calm as I do in this space. Sure, it's disheveled and unfinished and full of boxes not yet unpacked, but it's home. It's OUR HOME.

I'm writing this blog post from our breakfast nook that overlooks our backyard and the lake. It's breezy outside, I can see the branches of an oak tree gently dancing around against the pale blue of the sky and the sun is glistening off the lake as if someone was sprinkling it with silver glitter. There's a man in a jet ski doing circles and as soon as I hit publish I'm going to change into my suit and take my paddleboard out on our lake for the first time! I envision a dock and a little beach and a fire pit and twinkle lights out there. They'll come in time, as will the rest of our future and personal touches. But for now I'll stare at photos from our move in weekend and be filled with gratitude and contentment knowing that we're building this dream life with passion and intention one step at a time and step 1, the biggest step, is now happily complete!

Here's some photos from the last few days...

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