Sunday, November 6

INSPIRING WORDS // Teach The Universe To Trust You

A few things that could have been excuses:
1. I think I'm coming down with something
2. I haven't slept well in two nights
3. It's Sunday
4. my kid woke up an hour early right as I was about to start my workout
5. I didn't really wanna (let's be honest)

But I've been down that road before. The road where I kinda commit but mostly only when it's convenient to me and I kinda get results but mostly just yo-yo the same 15 pounds on and off. When you decide to do something you make a silent commitment to the Universe and to yourself. And when you break that commitment, you communicate to the Universe and to yourself that you cannot be trusted with small things so not to trust you with big things. And I don't know about you but those are two forces that I REALLY want on my side and believing in me!

Break the cycle of teaching yourself and the Universe that you don't finish things by honoring your word, even when it's just in your head to yourself. And believe me, once you trust in yourself that you CAN, and when the Universe believes that you WILL, incredible doors start to open for you. xo, B
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