Sunday, February 19

Last Week At The Lakehouse

prenumbral lunar eclipse
florida red bellied woodpecker home
florida female cardinal
florida male cardinal
florida red winged blackbird
florida blue gray gnatcatcher
florida osprey bird of prey

1. Prenumbral lunar eclipse // 2. Found the woodpecker's hideout // 3. Lady Cardinal out of the bushes for a rare trip to the tree // 4. Mr. Cardinal standing guard nearby // 5. Red Wing Blackbird singing me songs // 6. First signs of spring // 7. Fluffy little Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher sitting still for a rare second. These tiny guys are quick like hummingbirds (and only slightly larger) and so hard to get a photo of! // 8. The osprey are beautiful hunters. Yellow eyes gleaming and all focus as they dive feet first into the water to snag a fish. She knew I was next to her but didn't break eye contact with the water for a second. Teaching me lessons I didn't know I needed. 

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