Saturday, March 4

Big News! Beachbody is Going International!

You guys! Big news! Did you hear? Beachbody is expanding internationally! I know there are so many of you who have been patiently waiting for this announcement! Well... in January, Beachbody gave us a little teaser letting us know that they WILL be expanding into other countries THIS YEAR! As of right now, we are in North America (the United States and Canada) but soon we'll be adding new places to the family! I'm so excited!

Beachbody has not yet released any details about exactly when or where this expansion will begin. But we know it's coming! So make sure you scroll down to the bottom of this post and fill out the form to be on my mailing list where I'll be sending out info as soon as it is made available!

So what does this mean? Well, it means that we will be able to bring so many more of you into our community and team and I'm so pumped for that because I know there are so many of you out there who have been following along with all things Beachbody just waiting for the chance to jump in with us and get working on your fitness and have the potential to build an incredible coaching business right where you are!

Okay so let me break it down for ya! In case you didn't know how this stuff works since it has not yet been available to you. There are two main ways to get involved! The first is as a customer/challenger which means that you'll get to finally get your hands on these amazing programs that you always see us posting about and showing our transformations from like Core De Force, 21 Day Fix, Piyo, and tons more! You'll also finally be able to get plugged in with our nutrition tools which are a game changer! As a customer/challenger you'll get to join into my monthly accountability challenges and where I provide you with extra tools, tips, resources, and support and keep you accountable each day to your goals!

The second way to get plugged in with Beachbody is as a coach! Coaches are independent distributors and as a coach you'll have the opportunity to snag a giant discount as well as earn an income from home by inspiring others and sharing your own journey. A coaches job is to help other people achieve their health and fitness goals using Beachbody's amazing resources. Helping them pick which workouts will be the best for their goals, getting them set up with a simple mealplan and nutrition support via Shakeology, and then helping them stay accountable in Challenge Groups using an exclusive app where you can track their workouts and nutrition each day! As a coach, you'll earn commissions off anything people purchase directly from your site (which is provided to you free from Beachbody!) You'll also be able to move into leadership building a team of coaches and a community where you can help even more people! It's the coolest thing!

As a 2x Elite coach leading a 2X Top 50 ranked team (The Arrow Tribe!!!) I have the leadership experience, know-how, tools, resources, and easy to duplicate systems to help you get started strong with your own coaching business! Everything is done virtually so you don't have to live nearby and even in another country we'll be able to work together to help you build a successful business as a coach! Our team has an incredible community, a sisterhood, and tons of resources that will be made available to you to help you succeed right from the start!

I CANNOT WAIT to be able to share this incredible experience and opportunity with you! It is going to be so much fun and totally change your life just like it did for me! If you want to stay in the know on all things international, make sure you are on my email list by filling out the form below! That will be the #1 I can get the info to you FIRST!

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