Thursday, March 2

Our Big News and Where You Can Stay Updated On It!


We've got something exciting to share.... girl Robinson coming soon!!!!! 

I've been waiting what feels like a million years to announce this! We didn't want to say anything publicly until our homestudy was approved because that means we are now officially fully eligible to adopt! We went back and forth about whether we should share at all since adoption can be a rollercoaster ride BUT we decided to go public because we want to be able to share the ins and outs of this journey as well as open ourselves up to this giant network we have for support and connection!!! We are so excited and anxious and ancy and feeling all the feels!  I cannot wait to share more now that the secret is out!

I have been secretly writing through our process in a private blog that I just recently made public. I added a tab to the top of this blog so you can easily find it if ever you want to follow along with our adoption journey. You can also click the photo in this post and it will take you there! I answered some of the most popular questions I've gotten so far over there so pop on over if you wanna read more about it! xo.
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