Sunday, March 12

RECAP // 2016 Arrow Tribe Leadership Retreat!

I don't know HOW I haven't share this recap yet! I am so excited to give you a peek inside my team's 2016 Leadership Retreat that I hosted alongside another coach friend. We decided to rent out the most incredible house we could find and plan a long weekend of learning, community, and pampering for the women on our team who had earned their ticket to the retreat!

I love getting to host events. I love being a hostess and coming up with theme ideas and gifts and decorating and all that jazz. So our team's annual leadership retreat is actually a lot of fun for me! Last year my team was smaller and I wanted to do something very bohemian and low key so I rented a beauitful beach cottage and we burned our limiting beliefs and had group training sessions and did yoga by the ocean. This year, I wanted to up the ante and take it to another level. Since this retreat was tougher to qualify for than the previous one, I wanted it to really spoil them and make them feel special! So "RITZ" was the theme!

I found the most amazing mega mansion that slept over 30 people and decked it out! Everyone got to come and see photos of themselves (that looked a lot like the ones Beachbody corporate had made for last year's Elite coaches) decking the halls, we had a tropical pool party bash to kick things off, we had a pizza and pajamas night, and fancy photoshoots so the girls could get new headshots. We had a few training sessions but our time was much more about vision and sisterhood. We shared stories, we made vision boards, we ate donuts. It was an amazing weekend!

Right not I'm beginning to plan for our team's 2017 retreat so I'm feeling a little nostalgic. Not sure how I'll top this one but I've got a few ideas in mind! If you've been on the fence about coaching, you should jump in with us now so you have time to earn your way onto the next retreat. Learn more about what coaching on our top-ranked team looks like here then contact me and we'll chat about getting you plugged in!

 we literally "rolled out the red carpet" for our team!

 this gift setup was my favorite! in each bag were personalized presents for each coach

 pool party fun!

 this was my favorite surprise! personalized blankets with their "why" printed on them!

 we spent some time learning, playing games, and hearing from leaders about the business
 then we played some team building games that were hilarious...

 and had a yoga teacher drop by to lead us in a morning flow

 these are my people... obviously
 if you're not having this much fun at your job, then you need to come talk about joining ours!
arrow girls forever! love this beautiful tribe of badass women building their dreams

all photos by: Nate Robinson
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