Saturday, April 22

Behind the Scenes VIP Access! Come See What Coaching is All About!

I'm going to be in the Dominican Republic for my 4th free all inclusive vacation that I've been able to go on because of coaching! And because I know that there's a ton of curiosity about what it is that coaches do, what these trips are like, what happens on them, what's it like to be a top coach, and how do you get started as a coach, I've decided to go LIVE from Punta Cana while I'm on this trip to share with you exactly what these free trips are like, the parties, the pool-side hangs, the announcements, and I'll be answering popular questions about coaching as well as taking questions from those of you who jump in to follow along! 

These trips are all about FUN! There's incredible parties, tons of poolside hangs with my coach friends and their spouses and kiddos, exciting announcements from Beachbody, and more! I know I was always SUPER curious what it was like to be on one of these trips when I was first researching coaching so I want to open up the doors and let you see for yourself!

Stop letting fear of the unknown halt you from following your dreams! Let me pull back the curtain and introduce you to my team, my passion, and the incredible potential before you! 

If you've been watching me for a while and wondering about coaching, how it works, if you'd be a good fit for our team, and how to get on one of these trips next year, then join now and make sure to turn on notifications so you don't miss a post! Click the graphic below and join!

If you live in the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, or the UK... I want you to come peek inside!
I'm opening up 10 spots in my May New Coach Mentorship just for people who come take a peek behind the scenes, get inspired, and decide they want to dive in with us and start building their dreams!

*Not open to current Beachbody coaches or customers already working with another Beachbody coach. Thanks for your cooperation
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