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15 Healthy Easter Egg Alternatives for Kids!

Easter is just hours away and I don't know about you but our little man has been counting down the days for a few weeks now because he loves a good egg hunt! We do all the holidays. I love it all. I love the magic of the Easter Bunny and Santa. I love hiding eggs and making treats and celebrating. But I don't love a 5 year old that is grouchy, crazy, and acting out. Which is exactly what happens when we feed him a bunch of refined sugar, food coloring, and processed crap. So.... in an effort to clean up our Easter morning I decided to try to put together a basket with less candy. And to choose better quality candy for what I did include. (Because I'm not a monster- I still got candy!)

And I thought I'd share it with you along with some other great options to fill your kids Easter basket and eggs! Scroll down to the bottom for a list of 15 other great non-candy options!

 Up to now we've been using my childhood Easter basket for Little Man but it's getting delicate and I wanted to get him one of his own. I found this incredible, sturdy, and beautiful hand-woven basket made by an artist in Ghana. The profits of the sale go back to her so it seemed like the perfect choice! 
I found some cleaned up versions of our favorite candies. While they still have sugar they don't have  the other junk like crazy food colors, corn syrup, or fake fruit flavors.
To offset the candy I also got some temporary tattoos, stickers, and wildflower seed bombs (which I am soooo excited about) to hide in the eggs. And before everyone thinks I'm a complete bummer, I did pick up a few Reese's eggs because those are basically a holiday classic! (And they are my husband's all time favorite. I'll be making myself a chocolate peanut butter smoothie instead!) 

In his Easter basket instead of chocolate bunnies and peeps I stuffed it with small toys from the dollar section of the toy store that we will get much more entertainment bang for our buck than candy ever could. A small kite, a DIY glider plane, Pok√©mon cards, and a lego watch! 

And if this has got your wheel spinning on how you can cut some sugar without cutting the fun, here's
15 ideas for Easter goodies that fit in eggs for girls and boys that aren't candy...

1. Nail polish
2. Lego people
3. Clues for a scavenger hunt
4. Puzzle pieces 
5. Money
6. Bouncy balls
7. Stickers
8. Temporary tattoos
9. Bracelets
10. Hair ties/fabric headbands
11. Blind bag figurines 
12. Silly puddy
13. Mini glitter pens
14. Mini play dough
15. Flower seed bombs 
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