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PERSONAL // Building a Garden

I am the daughter of generations of green thumbs. My grandfather was a master rosarian. My dad grew roses, flowers, tropical fruits, and pretty much anything he wanted to. And my mom is a whiz with orchids. I, however, can't keep succulents alive. I'm talking cacti, people. Dead. Plants that can survive in areas of the world called "death valley" can't survive in my care. So you might be surprised that we decided to design a raised garden bed for our new house where we could grow some fruits, veggies, and herbs. 

My stepfather built the most beautiful raised garden beds at his house and offered to come set us up as well! I couldn't turn down that offer so earlier this past week he and my mom came down and helped us get our garden set up by helping us pick out soil, plants, and actually building the giant raised bed planter box! 

And I'm hoping to flip the script on my brown thumb. I love the challenge of learning something new. I want to learn it! I want to learn how to garden and live by the seasons. To be more connected to the land and to be outside in the sunshine more enjoying nature with my family. I want to feel connected, in tune, and to be able to go tell my son to grab a lemon off the tree for lemonade in the afternoon. 

So here's our garden, and my public accountability that I'm going to give it my best and try to turn this brown thumb green! 

 My preliminary sketches. No measurements, haha, but my step dad made it happen!
 Picking out the perfect plant babies
 We picked out the perfect spot on the side of our backyard that gets dappled light all day long
 Thank heavens for handy people
 We laid all the plants out arranging and re-arranging to figure out the best layout. Then I painted the entire thing with leftover Annie Sloan chalk paint (Paris Grey, if you're curious)

And now, for the official "after" photos! 
 Stepping stones, everything painted, solar lanterns, a privacy screen, and pots... oh my!
 Bell peppers (and reaper/habenero pepper seeds in the soil behind)
 Squash, sage, and blueberries
 Citrus blossoms
 A rain measure for those summer storms that will be coming soon and staghead fern
 something special for the garden faries because I want magic and imagination to be cultivated here as much as produce and herbs are. 
 tucked a few special crystals and gemstones throughout for good vibrational measure
 aloe and marigolds
 a temperature clock and some baby limes
 llittle gems hiding in the leaves
I am obsessed with staghead ferns so when I saw this one I knew I had to give him a special space
These fence grids I made my taking regular wood garden trellis from the hardware store, painting it to match the planter, sawing off the leg spikes, and hanging them on their sides. Easy peasy. The airplant lockets are from my friends at Porch Therapy
And the grand finale, a tiny privacy fence and some night blooming jasmine which I CANNOT wait to have grow and start covering the fence! It smells amazing!

So for right now in the garden we have:
Sweet mint
Bell Peppers
Carolina Reapers
Zucchini Squash

After the summer season is over we'll swap some things out for fall and winter and in the next week or so we should have some busy little bees added to the mix! I cannot wait! I've been researching bees obsessively and loving learning about them! Wish me luck friends! 

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