Monday, May 22

Beachbody is Expanding to the United Kingdom in Fall 2017!


Beachbody is officially launching in the UK in the fall of 2017! What does that mean? Well, that means if you're a Brit, you will soon be able to join my challenge groups, get Beachbody on Demand, Shakeology, the Performance Products, and all my FAVORITE products that you see me talk about!

And perhaps even MORE EXCITING, you'll soon have the opportunity to become a COACH! And since my Arrow Tribe of coaches is expanding into the UK, that means you'll have the opportunity to sign up with me as your mentor! You'll be able to join our team's world class New Coach Training, you'll be mentored via video chats by yours truly, you'll be able to crush your wellness goals while building an amazing business as a coach from home! YES YES YES!!!!

My biggest PASSION is helping women get unstuck. Unstuck from a body they don't feel comfortable in. Unstuck from limiting beliefs about what they can do. And Unstuck financially or in their careers by helping give you the tools and training to do what I do and to ROCK at it!

This fall you'll be able to apply to join our 2x Elite, 2X Top 50 ranked team!!!!! We are waiting for you! This is a pretty incredible ground floor opportunity to be one of the very FIRST coaches in the UK with one of the best teams at your back helping you learn how to be successful in this business!
Where my UK friends at?! We need to chat right now! Email me asap if you're interested so we can start chatting, I can answer your questions, and we can start brainstorming your launch plan for fall!
The Arrow Tribe is expanding to the UK! Who is going to be a ground floor member of my European Dream Team!?!

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