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BOSSMODE / What I Pack for a Big Convention

Next week is our company's big annual convention in New Orleans and I am so very excited to get to see all my coach friends and hug their necks and be surrounded by people who are just as passionate about this as I am! It's so fun. But first... packing!

I am notorious about waiting until midnight the night before our flight to start packing. So this time I'm trying to be proactive and get all packed up a day in advance. Less stress this way! If you are packing for the convention too, especially if this is your first time, hopefully, this list helps! And even if you aren't a coach coming to New Orleans, most big companies have annual conventions and this list might help you plan and prep for your own trip!


First things first, you've got to know what types of things you'll need. So check the schedule of your event. For our convention (which is called Coach Summit), we have opening and closing ceremonies, breakout sessions, group workouts, and a few parties. So I know I'm going to need a couple dressier outfits, some professional casual stuff that I can walk around a lot comfortably in, a few workout outfits, and at least one formal outfit for recognition time! Check your timeline of events so you know what you'll need!

With annual conventions you need a mix of business tools and casual items. At our big annual convention there is a big mix of styles and formality. But I have always been of the impression that you should dress as the businessperson you want to be. If you pay attention to the leaders in your business, they are usually put together and looking professional all the time. It takes a little bit more effort, but it will also make you feel more confident and help people see you as the business person you truly are!

To me, that means that I don't stay in sweaty workout clothes all day. I also don't show up to opening and closing ceremonies in shorts or jeans. I imagine to myself, "What if today the CEO came up to me to talk about my business?" and I dress in such a way that I'd feel like I'd make an impression on him as someone who takes herself and her business seriously. That's just me though. I think the most important thing is just making sure that you feel really confident and great in whatever you pack so that when you are taking pictures, meeting new people, and meeting your corporate teams you feel great in your skin and you can be yourself and let yourself shine.

Here's what I'm packing:

packing list for annual convention

A few items you'll see on here that are MUST HAVE'S for conventions that you might not have thought about if you haven't been to one yet are cardigans or blazers for layering. Even if it's summer (like it is for our convention) the rooms where training and breakout sessions happen are usually super chilly. Bringing some lightweight items you can layer will keep you from being so cold you can't focus. Another thing you don't want to forget is a battery booster pack for your phone. Because you will run out of battery during those long convention days, trust me. And lastly, dry shampoo. It's your convention week best friend. You wont have tons of time between morning workouts and the day's events so dry shampoo will help you save time and still look put together! Also, don't forget your busuiness credit card or debit card because you are on a work trip and a lot of your expenses can be written off for your taxes that year!

Most importantly, plan to have fun, to feel good in your clothes, to present yourself professionally, and to bring your A game to learn, grow, and connect! These conventions are so much fun and you want to be present in the moment, not worrying about your outfits or what you packed! So plan ahead, resolve to have fun no matter what, and make the most of your trip!
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