Sunday, October 15

Our Sparkly Sprinkle Baby Shower!

baby girl sprinkle shower

Can my house just always look like this? With rose gold sparkling table runners, fresh cut garden roses, mantles full of eucalyptus, and a mimosa bar? Our friends and family threw us a sprinkle shower and it was just the prettiest and sweetest time. Have you heard of these? I hadn't before my aunt brought it up to my mom. Basically, it's a baby shower that is a bit lighter than a traditional baby shower. It's is less baby themed and more family centered. It's usually for 2nd or 3rd babies when there's been a few years separating them from their next sibling. Or in our case, for an adoption since in adoptions you don't always throw showers in advance (since adoptions aren't final till they are final, if you know what I mean). We were the perfect storm of both those things: adoption and 2nd child with a big age gap so this was totally perfect.

We had sprinkle themed decorations and food, grilled some wings and invited friends over along with their kids. It was co-ed with grown ups chatting over mimosas and snacks and kids running around everywhere. Just my kind of get together!

Here's a peek into it for anyone out there looking for inspiration. It was soooo easy to pull together. (And we did, in less than 2 weeks!) Thanks to Nicole Graham Events for helping us pull it together, supplying us with this incredibly beautiful decor and helping us with all those little party details and logistics. We couldn't have done it without you!
baby shower sprinkle ideas
sprinkle shower ideas
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