Hello and welcome! I'm Becka and two years ago I started on a crazy adventure that brought me to places I never dreamed. This blog is a place for me to share a little bit of that with you.

After having my son (and gaining 60 pounds) I struggled for over a year to get control of my body and mind. I could not find my footing in my new life or in a body that felt foreign to me. I tried every diet and workout with no success, getting sicker, and heavier each step of the way. I felt isolated, ugly, and out of control. As you can imagine, this wrecked havoc on my self esteem and relationships.

In 2013 I decided, as a hail mary to try one last thing. And now two years later, my life has been completely transformed. I lost over 70 pounds, rediscovered my sense of self, redefined what beauty meant to me, learned how to love myself again, and discovered an incredible community of support that helped me grow into the woman I am today.

I live in Central Florida with my husband, son, and dog but we travel frequently and love to collect moments even more than we love to collect things. I get to spend my days living with intention, working on my own health, coaching others to success in their health and fitness goals, and mentoring new coaches on how to be successful in this business.

On this blog you'll find the healthy living tips and tricks I use to keep myself on track, a chronicle of both my business and personal journey of finding and defining success, and snapshots of my life. I hope you'll stick around! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an "artistpreneur"? An aristpreneur is a self employed creative making a living from their passion. It's a term I made up to describe what I, and so many others, do. I like to think of us a dream chasers. The ones who buck conventional career paths and blaze their own trails. 

What topics do you blog about? Here you'll find lots of info about how to cultivate healthier habits in both your career and your personal habits as well as glimpses into what the coaching lifestyle is like and bits and pieces of my personal daily life. 

What do you do? I am a full time healthy living coach with Beachbody. I get to spend my days working on my own health and fitness goals, sharing my journey, coaching others to cultivate healthy habits and hit their health and weight loss goals, and mentoring those that want to learn more about coaching on how to find success and build a substantial business like I have. 

How old are you? 30, (Sagittarius, Aries rising)

Are you on Instagram? Oh yes. @beckarobinson 

Did you really lose 70 pounds? How did you really do it? Yes I really lost 70 pounds. And I did it all naturally the slow and steady way of changing my nutrition and being consistent with my activity. To be really specific, I drank Shakeology every day, stared eating the right amounts of food (thanks mostly to the 21 Day Fix) and did 30 minute home workouts at least 5 days a week. (My favorite programs I did were Piyo, 21 Day Fix, and T25) No I didn't have surgery. No I didn't use wraps or drugs or anything like that. The community and accountability were the game changers for me outside of just finding something that was simple enough for me to keep up with. I now lead the same groups I participated in to help other people have the same incredible experience I had. Click here to learn more. 

Do you offer any business coaching or mentoring? Yes! If you would like to apply to become a coach on my team and be personally mentored by me, you can fill out this quick application.

How long have you been a coach? I signed up as a coach in the middle of August 2013.
Do you really make a real income doing coaching? Yes. I know it's crass to talk about money but I also know this is something most people are super curious about so I'm happy to be pretty transparent. Without getting into too much detail, coaching supports our household financially and I make over 6 figures annually as a coach.

I already have a coach but would you still mentor me? Unfortunately, I have to give priority to the coaches that are signed up on my team.  Between that and running my own coaching business, and honoring my time priorities with my family, I cannot take on any coaching mentorships outside of my team at this point. I do, however, have TONS of free training content available on my YouTube channel that you are more than welcome to check out.

Can I repost a graphic, tutorial, or the copy of a blog post on my blog or Facebook? Please contact me for expressed permission before using any of my content as your own. You are more than welcome to feature a snippet of a post on your Facebook and link to it or to share a blog post on your Facebook page but please make sure to link and credit me as the author/creator.  Feel free to pin anything you like to Pinterest. The photos, verbiage, and graphic elements you see here are all created by me (unless otherwise specified) and reposting them as your own, or re-editing them in any part is a violation of copyright laws. The same goes for images and content you see me share on my Facebook and Instagram pages. Thanks for your respect and understanding. 

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