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One of the most common questions I get asked is, "So... what EXACTLY is it that you do?" I get it, coaching is not a super traditional career path and it can come with a lot of questions about what it is that coaches actually do, how we get into coaching, how we earn income, how we build a business and more! Usually, each month I host a private event online where I dig into the answers to these questions but I thought it might be cool for me to walk you through it right here! This way, you don't have to wait till my next event and you can go at your own pace, save the to read later, share with your friend who you think would be an amazing coach, and come back if you think of more questions to find your answers! You can even apply to join my team and get mentored by me right from this post!

I came from a family that valued education but also valued creativity. So after I graduated college I was looking for ways to build my life that had to do with being creative. I ended up working as a photographer for 8 years before I had my son and joined my first Beachbody challenge group to help me get my groove back and get back in control of my health. Little did I know that coaching was the dream job I never even knew existed. I started following successful coaches on Facebook, seeing their posts and stories, and I got more and more curious about the success I was seeing.

Now, I get to peel back the curtain and share the answers I was looking for with you! I'm going to walk you through my Insider Live event where I share all about coaching, my story, and answer your commonly asked questions. If you have more questions after just reach out to me via email or fill out the application to join my team listed at the bottom of this page and we'll chat!

#1: Who Am I And How Did I Get Into Coaching?

I am so excited to share with you more about me, how I found coaching, and how it ended up being the dream job I never knew existed. I'm not a fitness buff, I didn't go to school for this, and I definitely did not "look" like a fitness coach when I started. Still... coaching was the BEST decision I've ever made for myself. Little did I know how BIG of an impact that seemingly small decision would end up making in my life. Coaching has changed my health and my family's future forever! Watch this video to hear my story about how I got into coaching and how I discovered that I could do coaching in an authentic way that felt fulfilling and natural to me as an introvert and creative sharing instead of selling. When you're done, move on to video number two!

#2: Who Can Be Successful As a Coach?

I know you're probably dying to know all the ins and outs of how coaching works, but first I want to share with you about the BIGGEST surprise blessing that coaching brought into my life: community! As a frazzled mom I was longing for a place to feel part of a sisterhood, plugged in, and part of something bigger. I didn't realize how lonely I felt until I discovered the incredible community of coaching. In this next video I want to share with you all about our team and the qualities that I think are necessary for someone to have to be successful as a coach! When you're done, move on to video number three where we dig more into the nitty gritty details of coaching!

#3: How Do Coaches Earn Money? 

Okay... time to get into the details! I know you're curious so in this video I'll be sharing about what I do as a coach, how coaches earn income, how I build a successful business as a coach, and how the people on my team are doing the same! I explain how coaching is a "rising water lifts all ships" situation where you are rewarded for really caring about others and helping them reach their goals. When you're done move on to video four. 


#4: How To Get Past Self Doubt To Find Your Success!

The number one hesitation I get from people interested in coaching is "I don't know if I'll be good at that." I get it, but honestly, how do we ever know if we'll be good at something until we try. People are always afraid that they won't have what it takes, that they won't be able to find people to join them, that they won't be able to make their dreams come true. And in this video I share about the fears I had before I started and how I got past those limiting beliefs so I could thrive! 


 These two videos are from a past "what is coaching" event where I dig more into how much time each day I think new coaches should commit, more about how we earn income, more about what it takes to be successful, and what you can expect when you join my team as far as resources and training!
BONUS: I'm Not Salesy and I Don't Want To Be...

BONUS: Arrow Tribe Coach Success Story: Star Diamond Coach Courtney Finds her Perfect Match

Bonus: Arrow Tribe Coach Success Story: Star Diamond Coach, Lisa Creates Freedom for her Family

So hopefully by now you've had your burning questions answered! If not, just shoot me an email and let's chat! I'd love to share this opportunity with you and help you join our top ranked team of coaches who are living healthier more fulfilling lives and helping others do the same!

I am currently accepting new coaches onto our Arrow Tribe team! 
When you sign up as a coach on our team you'll be personally mentored by me as your coach! We'll have 1:1 chats about your goals and first steps, you'll have access to my New Coach Training E-Course as well as be put in a private message thread with other new coaches to be able to ask questions, make friends with people at the same stage in business as you, and have a direct private chat access with me! You'll also get added into one of my fitness challenge groups to get working on your own transformation journey and you'll get access to our Team Training Website with all our team's resources, tools, trainings, and scripts!

I love that this business is so flexible, that each person can shine and bring their talents to the table and build a business that fits their life and dreams. If you are dedicated, hard working, self motivated, willing to learn and be coached, and passionate about community and relationships then you can build something incredible here as a coach!

I am a 13 Star Diamond, 2x Elite (top .1% of the company) coach leading a 2x Top 50 (out of over 415,000) Team. I founded the Arrow Tribe of coaches a little over 3 years ago because I had a vision to build a community of creative, big-hearted, motivated, passionate people who want to live their most vibrant lives and affect positive change in the world around them! I am extremely passionate about our team and what I do as a coach and I'd am always happy to add more goal-getters like you to our team! Each month I take on a new group of up and coming superstars to personally mentor. Don't miss my next mentorship apportunity! Apply now!

Think coaching is cool but not the right fit for you? Please feel free to share this page with someone who you think would make an incredible coach!


(Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. For more information see the Beachbody Statement of Independent Coach Earnings

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