The "When We Were Young" Project

Searching for a new personal project to photograph, I was completely inspired both by the work of Terry Richardson in his book, Lady Gaga and by Andrea of PinkSugar Photography. Terry Richardson captured Lady Gaga and the story of her tour in such raw and evocative images that I immediately thought to myself, "I want to tell a story like that". Photos of the good, the bad, and the messy. When I saw the images that Andrea of PinkSugar was making to document her daughter's daily life I knew that I had my assignment right in front of me: life with our son Cadence. 

I want not only to document his life and the fleeting moments of smallness that occur as he grows and changes every day, but even more than that, I want him to know us and the way we were when we were young alongside him. I love looking at photos of my parents and grandparents when they were in their twenties and I want him to be able to feel that same strange curiosity and amusement when he looks back at what Nate and I were like at this stage of our lives. I want him to see that we are not only his parents, but we were young people ourselves with frustrations, elations, entertaining hairstyle choices, 2000's fashion sense, and an irreverent yet beautiful eye for capturing the details of his babyhood. 

I'm not sure how long I'll keep it up but my immediate goal is 1 year. A photo every day for at least a year so that Cadence can see not only how he changed but also how we did. 

Follow along with the stream of images here: The When We Were Young Project

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