You guys, I’ve gotta stop choosing dessert breads as my recipes of the week! I’m gonna have to double up on my workouts this week because I cannot control myself with these. They turned out ten times better than I ever imagined! Also, this really made me re-think poptarts as a breakfast food. Not that we eat them often, but still. Making them from scratch made me realize that they are basically just little pies, haha! I heard a quote a while ago that said, you can have whatever junk food you want, as long as you are willing to make it yourself. And that’s always stuck with me. Because it’s time consuming to make stuff from scratch. And you pretty much guarantee that there will be less chemicals and junk, even if they are still full of sugar like these poptarts. So, I decided to make one more week of dessert breads and then next week I hereby promise to do something that requires yeast and rising. Cross my heart!

I didn’t make this recipe, or even tweak the one I followed enough to share it here as my own. So if you wanna make these, this is the recipe I followed. And I subbed out Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Flour for the all purpose flour. Easy peasy.

My mom stopped by today so I forced her to help enlisted her help since she is the pie crust queen and this recipe basically has you make pie crust dough to use for the pastries. We didn’t use a food processor like the recipe, we did it the old fashioned way of cutting in the butter with one of these and drizzling in the ice water slowly. Of course Little Man was there to help (and steal spoonfulls of nutella).

Beware, these are basically just mini pies with icing and they are so delicious and buttery and crumbly and definitely not healthy but still oh so good and with wayyyyyyy less chemicals than anything you’d pick up at the grocery store. I definitely want to play around with fillings. I think I’ll try an apple pie style one next! Happy Sunday friends! 

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