Is Dawn Safe for Pressure Washer

Is Dawn Safe for Pressure Washer?

Having a pressure washer is something good for anyone looking to clean any surface properly. With a top rated electric pressure washer, you can blast some water onto a surface and get rid of the dirt in no time.

However, water alone is not enough to clean the greasy surfaces and stubborn stains. This is where owning detergent comes in handy. 

Is Dawn Safe for Pressure Washer

A common type of detergent is dawn. Many people have used dawn or sometimes an equivalent detergent with no problems at all. So, does this mean dawn is safe for pressure washers? That is what we want to look at in this guide. 

Do we need to use detergent?

For most situations, water can be sufficient to do the cleaning job. Each time you blast water onto a surface, it will remove most of the dirt. The same water can be used to move the leaves around or any other large debris. 

When it comes to tough jobs, then you have to consider using some detergent. We always recommend that you use detergent in every job that you do so that you get the surface as clean as possible. 

Detergents are designed with chemicals important for cutting through the grime and grease. As a result, you should find it being the best possible way to clean the surface. You can imagine cleaning your clothes or dishes without soap or detergent. It will be hard to get rid of all the dirt from them. 

Can dawn damage your pressure washer?

You can use dawn all the time knowing that it will not damage the pressure washer. With dawn or similar detergents, your job of cleaning various surfaces just got easier. 

There are some cases where Dawn gums up the pump leading to unnecessary maintenance which is unplanned. This is common when you use too much of the detergent in the water. It is advisable that you stick to the recommended units as suggested by the pressure washer manufacturer. 

Since we have established that Dawn is safe to use with your pressure washer, you can use it for cleaning various surfaces. Go ahead and use it if you want to end up with clean surfaces all the time. 

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