We are just days away of Little Bird’s half birthday and it all at once feels like this experience took a million years and that it also went by faster than anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. I feel like I’m going to blink and she’ll be one. I don’t remember our son’s first year going by this quickly at all! I want so badly to share our full adoption story, now that some time and space has helped with healing and at the same time I feel strongly like it’s not my story to publicly tell. So if we ever hang out in person feel free to ask me but for now I’m going to keep it off the internet. Instead, let’s talk about the insane lash envy I have right now over this girl. Seriously they look like falsies.

She can flip over to her stomach and back
She can do a killer cobra pose
She laughs a ton
She is a bit of a thrill seeker and loves to be fake dropped or for you to “scare” her by jumping into her face and saying “hi!”
She still has reddish hair
Her eyes are a color we can’t quite name
She loves her stroller and gets super excited when you put her in it
She loves afternoon walks
She laughs the most at her big brother
She is impartial about the dog
She dances to folksy music
She doesn’t like anything sweet (no pears/apples/bananas or baby food fruit)
She likes to purse her lips and go “ooo” to talk back to people (see it in the 2nd photo!)
She falls asleep any time she’s in transit even if she just woke up, haha!
She can’t quite sit up on her own but loves to stand

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